Hi! I’m Iris Acosta! Welcome to Pinay Ads!

Pinay Ads is a lifestyle blog that was founded in August 2008. If you are a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom, and wife), we might share the same interest and experiences, too! Topics posted here include my curiosity on the latest and hottest entertainment news, technology trends, travel tips, food (anything about it), family and relationships, as well as, parenting, among others. So if you are into random but interesting and useful topics, like me, you’ve come to the right place!

My main goals are simple:

  1. Make Pinay Ads my outlet to express my thoughts and feelings over something. In short, my stress reliever.
  2. Share up-to-date information to my readers in eventually, encourage them to give feedbacks through comments.

For the past twelve (12) years, I already have almost 45,000 subscribers and followers (Feeds, Facebook Page and Twitter accounts), as well as, gained enough credibility that once in a while, I am contacted by some groups/companies and individuals to write and post products reviews, attend some press conferences and important events and blog about it and also publish significant press releases.

Pinay Ads was a gift from an online boss before (trivia: Pinay Ads is the original domain name). He told me that I can use the domain as an online directory for an extra income. But, as much as I want to earn extra from an online directory, it was not materialized because I personally find that “niche” sort of boring. No offense meant, it’s just that I am into a lifestyle topic and that I enjoy writing and posting something about it. Every time I write a blog post, I see that it that it can encourage my readers to engaged in an exchange of ideas through the comment section. That’s what really makes me happy and fulfilled, as a blogger. Monetary and recognitions are just bonuses.

Over the years, from posting personal experiences, Pinay Ads has evolved from personal blog to a lifestyle blog where I also started to blog about my passion for food (and eating, too!), travel, shopping and to discover new things.

Take note, I don’t claim to be experts on these topics. Llike you, I am learning, too and I love to share my journey to you and in the process, learn yours so we can have a meaningful exchange of ideas. Sounds interesting, right?

Since I know that you are curious about my personal details, let me share some piece of me:

I graduated from AB Communication Arts degree at Miriam College. But I started to discover my passion for writing when I was still in High School. Later, I became a contributor writer for different online sites and eventually, created my own blogs. Actually, I have many blogs hosted at blogger and live journal with topics that are anything and everything under the sun. Yes, I am that random. It just so happened that I am really interested and can relate to almost any topic.

I am a wife to Montsch since December 2007. After almost a year of being married, I created this blog where I have been sharing bits and pieces of our lives, including our adventures and trips together. Since then, I started to have regular readers/visitors in my blog and fortunately, some of them became my close friends in real life.

Offline I am a baker of WTF Cakes and Baked Goodies, where I accept made to order cakes, cupcakes,cookies and other baked goodies. This just started last February of this year and I am still enjoying this business as an income-generating hobby.

On May 2015, a new chapter of my life opened when I became a mother to Samantha. Obviously, I have a new interesting topic to add, which is parenting. I love to share my experiences and struggles of becoming a first time mother. Luckily, I have readers that share ideas about it, which makes motherhood for me more enjoyable and memorable.

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