The evolution of slots is incredible when you really take a step back to appreciate just how much things have changed. Gone are the days of playing with coins for just a simple bar token in your local pub. Now players have the luxury of choosing from endless themes, styles and designs; and playing anywhere they want with just the click of a button. Mobile devices support casino apps and let any punter create an account and play wherever they wish, at any time. However as great as that sounds, there is of course a bad side where it’s now obvious that smartphone slots are a potential danger to your health. Let’s go into how spinning those reels can impact a player’s wellbeing, or you can play now at if the excitement is hard to contain.

Accessibility of mobile slots

One of the best things about smartphone slot games is their accessibility. Playing on a mobile device is arguably the main reason for their huge popularity as practically absolutely anyone can give it a go. However sadly their easy availability is what makes them even more addictive. With the option of playing not just in a bar or at home, but even on the train or in waiting room, players are finding it harder than ever before to limit game time. In years gone by, punters had to forget about slots the minute they left their casino or computer desktop. Smartphones have eradicated that problem making it increasingly difficult to say no. This can impact an individual’s health, as it’s essential to have a break and take some downtime away from any casino games. With the use of smartphones it’s easier than ever before to get dangerously addicted.

Out of touch with reality

At first thought it may seem impossible for slots to detach a player from the real world, but it’s surprisingly more common than you may realise. Smartphone slots have created situations where players can spend hours browsing for the perfect slot to game. One where they can choose based on their favourite theme and style. Slots are increasingly beginning to feel more like a video game or even interactive movie than a casino machine. Whilst this is more fun for the player and allows for a more immersive experience, it can be damaging as punters often forget they are betting with real money. Smartphone slots can disassociate the player to how much they’re really spending and before they know it are in some serious trouble.

Physical impact of playing slots

The negative impacts of smartphone slots aren’t just limited to mental damage and sadly extend to physical pain too. Playing on a smartphone means often starting into a tiny digital screen for hours on end. Most punters don’t wear tinted glasses, as many are unaware of the long-term damage screens can cause. Yet over time many players will suffer from not only eye damage but also painful headaches as a result of staring at a screen for too long. This damage if not properly acted on can have a devastating impact on all aspects of a player’s life and as such should be taken seriously