Surely by now you must know that the stereotype of old ladies down the bingo hall is a bit dated?

Way more people than ‘two fat ladies (88)’ are playing the classic gambling spectacle these days, thanks to bingo thriving in the online gambling landscape of today. There are some huge online casinos providing a really good service of online bingo, with great animations, themes, hosts and a genuine community feel being the result of a good game of online bingo, like Barbados Bingo.

Well, all of that plus maybe a bit of a cash prize, as well! In case you are new to bingo or maybe just new to online bingo, the natural predecessor to the classic game, we have provided a handy guide to online bingo here.

As you might already know, it is a simple game and we hope that even the technophobes amongst us will be able to enjoy the world of online bingo quickly after having read this guide.

Choose your online Bingo site

Like any online gambling experience, the first thing to do is to choose your online casino.

Unlike other formats like online slots, sports gambling or the like, there are a number of sites and online casinos dedicated solely to online bingo. The likes of Bingo Storm, Buzz Bingo and even Gala Bingo, the classic UK bingo hall, exist within the online realm and are thriving thanks to the good service they provide.

Our advice to any new online bingo player, would be to shop around and see what sign-up offers are out there to take advantage. Whilst we want to set you up and have you in the online bingo hall as fast as possible, there is no need to rush into signing up to a casino that doesn’t offer you the best welcome offer!

How do you play online bingo?

As already mentioned, the format of bingo is very simple. It is a game that requires concentration and patience, as you wait for the announcer, be he or virtual or otherwise, to call out your numbers.

Here is a step by step guide of how to play online bingo, for those of you who do not already know:

Buy your bingo card – This is where it all starts, as players must cash-in and purchase a card with a random selection of numbers on a grid.

Full house, line or something else? – The game or the caller will clarify what it is that is require for a win. A full house requires players to get every single number on their grid, whilst a line requires just a horizontal line across the grid. Other patterns are available and will be indented before the round fully starts.

Listen out – Keeps your ears open and your eyes on the screen, as the caller will now read out numbers at random… we all love this bit.

Who wins? – The winner is the player who gets all of the required numbers first and they will be rewarded with a cash prize. Depending on your game or casino, runners-up prizes might also be awarded.