Though these two acronyms may look fairly similar, or at least both start with an “R”, they are hugely different in their meaning. But it is very common for their meanings to be misunderstood or even confused between each other. One of them you have some level of control over and the other you do not. But what exactly do these three little letters mean and how do they impact you as a slots game player online at

What Does RTP Mean?

RTP stands for Return To Player and it is always displayed as a percentage. Though this percentage varies really quite dramatically from one slots game to another, you have control to some degree over this as most players want to look for the RTP which has the highest percentage when they are choosing between two different slots games.

As this is a percentage, this number is always out of 100, but you will never see an RTP of 100 because that would ensure that you will always win and there is no way of ever being able to do this. However, there are thousands of slots games available for you to play online that have an RTP of 98% and even 99% too. This would mean that for every 100 times you placed a £1 bet, you could expect to see £99 return on average.

It is important that you check the RTP of any slots game before you start playing on a game because this gives you an honest representation of the likelihood in which you will be able to win and the frequency. This is a good indication of how successful you can be when playing a particular game but you can never base your judgement on this solely as slot games as luck-based.

What is the RNG?

The RNG or Random Number Generator is a code of number which is, as the name suggests, randomly generated every time the reel is spun on a slots game. This ensures that every player has an equal opportunity of being able to win when playing on a slots game and there is also no way to be able to cheat the RNG either. This means that it is a much safer way for online casinos to operate as they can protect themselves.

The Random Number Generator selects a sequence of numbers and this sequence knows whether or not you are going to be a winner. In fact, the RNG knows that you are going to be a winner long before you do. You cannot sway this though. It does not matter who you are, how long you are have been playing for or how much money you have spent playing on a certain slots game, as every single spin creates a new RNG code and a new chance to be able to win.

Yes, slots games are based on luck, but they are more based on the combination of a lucky RNG code and a high RTP percentage to result in a winning combination.