The word volatility appears frequently in slot games reviews or the how to play guides. Despite the fact that the volatility of Daisy Slots games can have an enormous difference of how they should be played and the potential for payback, many players still either don’t fully understand how it can affect them. It’s almost one of the hidden secrets of the slot game world where developers aren’t often keen to explain how it works. This is because once you know, punters can adapt and play with it in their favour to improve their odds and win more money. So if you’re here then you obviously want to know how to have the upper edge and exactly how to combat high volatility when playing slots.

What is Slot Volatility?

There really is no point in explaining how to combat or work with volatility if you don’t understand exactly what it is. It can be a little confusing to get to grips with first, but we promise you, once you’ve grasped it you will forever be grateful. Volatility refers to the risk of a slot game and in layman terms is the chance of a player having a large swing in luck. For instance, some slots have extended dry spells with little to no wins. Then when they are won, there are a lot of big wins in a very short time frame. This type of game is referred to as high volatility. Low Volatility games are the opposite. In these games the winning combinations will occur much more often at a faster pace but the winning amounts will be significantly smaller. So, the higher volatility the higher the risk. This is because players have to have enough of a bank budget to play for a prolonged period of time and wait to win. Payouts are larger so they nicely replenish your credits and give a little extra when you do get that lucky combination, but not all players can work with this risk. Lower Volatility slots on the other hand are more for the ordinary working guy who enjoys spinning reels as a bit of fun. You don’t need a big budget because wins are more frequent and although the payouts are smaller, low volatility can be the perfect way to gradually build up your balance gradually over time.

So now you know the basics. Low volatility are easy to play and can be played by everyone; but what about high volatility? To combat high volatility in either casino machines or online slot games, players should remember 2 key points. Firstly, make sure you have enough of a bankroll to support your spins throughout any dry spells. This means low bets for long periods of times to make it last. Secondly, now you know that whilst wins will be large but only very occasionally it’s important to remember when to stop. Once you’ve had a big payout move on because you know it’s going to be a while until the next one.

So that’s it. We told you it’s pretty straightforward once you get the basics, so if you’re feeling steady enough get out there and combat those high volatility slot games.