There are a multitude of slot games out there themed around different kinds of movies, stories and even the seasons, and as those change, so do our preferences.

But there is one season that never gets old, and that is summer. Summer always means fun in nearly every book, and we all day dream of escaping to a warmer climate at some point or another, either permanently or for a holiday, and most of us do just that.

Some of us even do that through our gaming choices, and with the huge array out there nowadays based around the theme of summer it is easier than ever to do just that. Let’s get the party started, click to visit and play some fun games!

Solar Queen slot

So, perhaps based more on the theme of the sun than a summer theme itself, Solar Queen slot game is set across a theme of ancient Egypt, with 20 pay lines and more ways to win than most thanks to some immense multipliers which can get you a prize of up to 2,688 times your initial bet.

Far from a classic online slot lay out, Playson have developed a game which includes some unrivalled mechanics to give you more chances of winning, setting a new precedent within the gaming world.

This online slot game was launched in July 2018 and is set against an inviting back drop of pyramids shrouded in the light of the moon.

The symbols of Solar Queen come in the form of hieroglyphics and other notable features you would recognise from ancient Egypt.

Solar Queen symbols include animals which had symbolised deities in ancient Egypt like the cat which is widely known to be the incarnate of Bastet.

Higher value symbols are in the form of Horus and Anubis, but the one you really want to nab comes in the form of the Sun Queen, who takes up the space of an entire reel and four slot when she does appear.

Gold Rush slot

The ultimate slot gaming adventure, Gold Rush is themed around just that! Popped into this summer themed list more for the fact it is gold like the sun than themed around summer, it is still a fun game nevertheless.

Gold rush is set across five reels, with three rows and 25 pay lines, and what inspired this game is the infamous Californian gold rush which occurred toward the end of the 20th century.

Fruit Blast slot

Who doesn’t love a bit of fruit punch in the summer? This is the only game that gives beginners a real chance of winning by playing with fruity favourites.

With Fruit Blast slot, you can level up by collecting stars. The further good news is that any fruit metre can get full more than one time, and when this happens the total of times it has been filled is multiplied by the pay awarded from the winning symbol.

Every bright and colourful bar shows a fruit. The red represents cherries, light green is for lemon, purple for grapes, dark green is for watermelon and the orange bar is for a pineapple.