Most of us game online with slots for the sole aim of having fun, and while this might not always be the case on every occasion, it is surely most of the reason that we will go online to game in the first place – to have fun and unwind.

Winning the slot jackpot is just a nice added bonus, although many of us still do go online to game with slots in the hopes that we will win the jackpot if nothing else, and while there is nothing wrong with that, it is not always the way it goes.

And so the best way to make sure that you will be in for a win win situation even when you do not win the overall jackpot of the slot game is to play a slot game which is fun and that you will enjoy so that you are not disappointed – follow this link.

Having said that, there are many online slot jackpot wins in 2019 that may be enough to give us all some hope after all.

£75,000 with Arcade Bomb

In January 2019, there was one lucky winner who managed to turn just 20p into a massive £75,000 win after having a go at gaming with the slot machine game Arcade Bomb, which has a spin value of 447,338x, that really must have really been a proper heart in the mouth situation for that lucky gamer. Could you be next?

13 million euros with Mega Moolah

What else might you expect with a game that is called mega moolah? In 2019, one lucky winner managed to get their hands on a whopping 13 million euros from just one spin alone, and if that was not enough, this particular online slot has actually been known to pay out even more than that.

£60,000 with Multifruit 81

This is a big win that was worth mentioning even if it did not make up the biggest win of this 2019 round up, which was won by a player who chose this online slot at the Energy Casino. But it does not stop there.

Rather than cashing in this money, this particular online gamer chose to open a game on the Double Staxx as well and continue to play the £200 a spin game.

But this player was certainly on a winning streak – the calculated gamble paid off and they took home a hefty pay out of £290,000.

£18,000 with Jammin’ Jars

Do not get bogged down in those details though, there is no reason to play a game £200 a spin to feel like you need to win the big bucks.

In January 2019 one player at Casumo changed their luck for the best and took a gamble on a spin that was just one pound and went home with a whopping amount of £18,000 in winnings.

This is apparently one that has gone up there on the leader board, but you never know, you could be next to win this huge amount.