Diana Stalder More than just a Skin Care Clinic

I’m familiar with Diana Stalder because the products we offer in our family business are somehow similar to theirs. I have also seen their clinics in malls around the metro before I was formally introduced to Diana Stalder through one of their events last year. The event featured DS Cafe and Ms. Eleanor Rivera who promoted the benefits of eating healthy. It was then that I learned that Diana Stalder is more than just a skin care clinic.

The Diana Stalder Face, Body, and Skincare Center offers a holistic approach for your skin care. Aside from skin care products and treatment, they also have nutrition services that promote healthy skin. Your skin will look a lot better if you take care of it inside out. This means getting the right skin care regimen and having a proper diet. My friends and I got to try their skin care services and enjoyed it (Read My Casmara ShineStop Experience). Also, their nutrition services can help you find the right diet for healthy looking skin and a fit body.

I got into the Ideal Protein Diet last year and I must say it really worked! I actually lost almost 30lbs a couple of months into the program. Unlike other diets where they just tell you what to eat and what not to eat, the Diana Stalder Ideal Protein Diet helps you “train your taste to trim your waste”. This was according to Coach Dina, my mentor for the diet program. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have achieved my 30 lb weight loss without the ideal protein diet.

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Diana Stalder has been like family for our blogger group, The Grasyas, for almost a year now. And I can say that they are true to their words with the commitment to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone. They really know how to take care of your skin inside and out. This became more evident last June 10-11, 2017 when they joined LIVE 2017, a body & spirit festival.

The festival was held at the Marquee Tent, EDSA Shangri La Hotel where they featured various work-out activities, yoga, and a lot more. Diana Stalder gave a small talk during the event, and our friend Iris Pulga gave a testimonial about her Ideal Protein Diet experience. They also gave freebies for us to enjoy after the program.

We had a fun learning experience at LIVE 2017 with Diana Stalder. One can really see their commitment to make you look and feel better is not just skin deep. Knowing Diana Stalder, this won’t be the last event that they’ll join to promote a healthier lifestyle for everyone. Learn more about Diana Stalder’s wellness approach at their Facebook page. Simply like or follow Diana Stalder at Facebook.

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