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Being chubby can be an advantage for kids but once you reach puberty, it starts to be a liability. People often find a fit and curvy body more attractive than soft and chubby ones. But this doesn’t mean that chubby people are less attractive. There is really nothing wrong with being fat as long as it doesn’t affect your health. I embraced my chubby nature until one day it hit me that I am already obese. With my health at risk, I had to find a way to bring my weight down within normal limits. So I got into the Ideal Protein Diet for a month and lost 18 lbs. already! This is good news for those who want to lose weight and be healthy. Do you want to know how? Let me start by sharing my story with you.


I have always been chubby as far as I can remember. It didn’t really bother me until this cute baby became a self-conscious young lady.

Yep, that's me... with my mom!
Yep, that’s me… with my mom!


34042_434806158614_2908544_nI went on a diet when I was 17 to prepare for my 18th birthday, or debut. It was my only memory of losing weight and getting fit. I ate carefully during daytime and had Skyflakes and milk for dinner. Then I would burn my fats with a session of PlayStation Dance Revolution every night. I hit my fitness goals that year and it was perhaps the slimmest that I got in this lifetime. But it was really hard to keep fit especially when you have a mom who cooks really well. Not to mention a whole family who shares a love for food and eating together. It wasn’t long before I gained all my weight, and fats, back again.

My weight and my body shape never bothered me again. I was chubby when my husband fell in love with me. He also shares my love for food so eating became our hobby and bonding activity. I didn’t even think of going on a diet for my wedding because my chubbiness doesn’t seem to bother him. But it was something that I regretted when I saw the wedding pictures. I didn’t like the way I looked and realized that chubby girls rarely look good on photos.


After some time, my husband and I decided to make plans for having a baby. It was then that I learned I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS. Some of the symptoms include acne, weight gain, and trouble losing weight. My OB-Gyn suggested that I go on a diet for weight loss. So I tried a lot of diet regimens but none seemed to work for me. There was one diet program where I quickly lost 2 pounds but gained twice as much weight after a while. I got frustrated with the results of all my diet attempts and decided to give it up. It seemed like a fruitless effort, I was getting fat regardless if I eat or not. Besides, my husband loves me even if I am chubby so why go on a diet?

Recently, I have received invitations for wellness events which is perhaps another sign to go on a diet. I have been feeling some fatigue lately and tire easily while taking care of my baby. I often catch my breath after running around with my baby even if it was just for a short while only. My other concerns include, feeling tightness in the chest and dizzy spells. It doesn’t help that a number of people I know have been diagnosed with heart ailments, some have passed away already. All these made me realize that I need to go on a diet. I think now is the time to heed the constant reminders of my parents, and The Grasyas, to watch my weight.

September 8, 2016 the day of reckoning. This was the day that changed my life. I braved the weighing scale in front of me and got ready for the usual “heavy” result. But I didn’t expect to see the whopping 206 lbs. on the scale! I am 5’2” tall and my weight in 206 lbs… I’m already OBESE! OMG! I can already qualify for the Biggest Loser! I just had to take a few moments to let it all sink in before accepting the truth. I need a weight loss diet!

My first promising option was the Ideal Protein Diet and I decided to take it. A month after my resolve, I have good news for everyone. I lost 18 lbs.! Thanks to this diet! But what exactly is the Ideal Protein Diet?

UPDATE: As of December 2016, I lost a total of 26 lbs!

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