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Ideal Protein Review: Does it Work?

A week into the diet, I already lost 8 lbs. This was a real shock for me because I was skeptical about the Ideal Protein Diet when it was first introduced to me. Not to mention my frustrations with previous diet methods that I have tried. During the first few days, I experienced migraines and dizziness. Perhaps because of the sudden decrease in my sugar intake. I was allowed to eat 1 solid candy a day to reduce dizziness. I also felt some hunger pangs because I am not used to having no rice in my meals.

Yesterday was my #IdealProteinJourney Week 1 weigh in, and I lost *drumroll please* 8lbs Woohoo! I just followed the #dSIdealProtein program (take note NO EXERCISE), and I’m down 8lbs. I couldn’t be more excited and happy right now! #IdealProtein is the most rewarding diet I have been on! Believing in and loving yourself one day at a time will help you achieve what seems impossible at the beginning of the journey possible. Thanks to Coach Dina of @DianaStalder, also thanks to @thegrasyas for the support!! I can’t wait to see my progress in the coming weeks! #IdealProteinWorks #dSisit #IPtheresawilltheresaway #IdealProtein #dSIPxPinayAds #IdealProteindiet #weightlosschallenge #idealproteinphase1 #whatiriseats #whatpinayadseats #dSIdealProtein

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But after 3 days, I adjusted well into the routine. As a result, I lost another 4lbs. on my second week! I was really happy and motivated to continue with the routine. Come 3rd week and it was another 4lbs. lost! By this time my body was really well adjusted in the routine.

On my 4th week, I got out of the box but continued with my food intake routine. I had oatmeal for breakfast, saltine crackers or Skyflakes for snack, 5 oz. eat and 2 cups veggies for lunch, and clear soup with veggies for dinner. I also allotted 30 minutes for exercise in the morning, after lunch, and after dinner. When it was time for the weigh in, I was disappointed to see that I only lost 2 lbs. I am not sure if being constipated for 2 days had something to do with it. I was advised to add langka in my diet, or drink 1 tbsp. of Olive Oil to ease my constipation.

Although disappointed with my 4th week results. I was really happy with the 18 lbs. I lost during the first month. This is the most successful diet program that I have ever tried. Aside from the very significant weight loss, the Ideal Protein Diet had brought a lot of positive changes in me. These include:

  • Better looking skin. My friends noticed that I had less acne and thought that I looked blooming. Maybe it is because of the veggies in my diet. I am not really fond of veggies and I wouldn’t have them regularly in my meals if not for the Ideal Protein Diet.
  • Improved sleeping habits. I sleep early instead of sleeping early in the morning. My bedtime is set at 9:00 pm or 11:00 pm at most if I need to stay-up late. I used to stay-up until 5:00 am, Now I wake-up at 5:00am.
  • More water in my diet. I am no longer picky nor lazy when it comes to drinking water. I make sure that I have enough water in my diet and I don’t mind drinking it even if it is not cold. Plus, I no longer crave for softdrinks!
  • I start the day right with a proper breakfast. Lunch used to be my first meal of the day. As a result, I miss out on the most important meal of the day which is breakfast. But with the Ideal Protein Diet, my day always starts with breakfast.
  • I have more energy. I used to sleep a lot during the day and never miss out on my midday nap. But after I started with the diet, I rarely find myself snoozing at midday.
  • I learned how to cook. I started preparing food for me and my husband when I became conscious about healthy meals.
  • My baby started eating veggies too! As they say modeling is the best way to teach kids. It was easy to my baby to eat veggies when I started eating veggies.
  • I developed a healthy palate. Health food choices like veggies and lean protein are staples that I now enjoy. It used to be difficult for me to see people eating rice or drinking soda while I am on a diet. Now, I can eat with my family without craving for rice and other “unhealthy” food.
  • Having healthy support from the family. Our family had different meal schedules when I started with the diet. It worked for me because it minimizes the risk of temptation for restricted food items in the diet. They no longer ask me to join them during meal times because they now that I have my own set of meal. Sometimes they even ask me for some of my veggies, but they never let “bad” food come to my table.

The Ideal Protein Diet changed my lifestyle. I have a long way to go before reaching my weight-loss goal, but I’m sure I will get there. Ideal Protein taught me that being healthy is not just a matter of choosing healthy meals. It is also about adopting a healthy lifestyle as well.

I am very thankful to Coach Dina for her relentless reminders, to lose more weight so I can be healthy and sexy. The staff of Diana Stalder also has my gratitude for their support and cheers whenever I shed some pounds. I wouldn’t have made it through my first week without the love and support of family members. The Grasyas who prodded me whenever I am about to stray from the program. My mom who took care of my daughter while I prepare food, and ran after my daughter so I don’t have to break the “no exercise” rule. My husband who took time to guide me with veggie picking in the market. I am very grateful for all their efforts to help me lose weight and be healthy.

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My journey to a healthy lifestyle has just begun. I need to lose more pounds to reach my ideal weight. I still need all the support I can get to make it through. You too can be part of this journey by adopting your own healthy lifestyle. Visit any Diana Stalder branch to know more about the Ideal Protein Diet. For inquiries, call or visit dS at or like their Facebook page.

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UPDATE: As of December 2016, I lost a total of 26 lbs!

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