My Casmara ShineStop Experience at Diana Stalder


A week after the Diana Stalder Nature’s Healing Juices event, The Grasyas were reunited again for a fun girl bonding, dubbed as “The Grasyas dSparty

The Grasyas dSparty at Diana Stalder SM Megamall branch

Diana Stalder offers a variety of skincare treatments that address the needs of even the most delicate skin type, complemented by highly skilled therapists, to ensure delivery of desired treatment results.

So for The Grasyas, we had the following treatment: Ultimate Power Peel for Iris P., Derma Lift for Mauie, while Casmara ShineStop Facial for me. Since Jen was done with her Laser Treatment for Sunspots and Spider Veins, she became our photographer. =D

Watch the highlights of the ‪TheGrasyas‬ dSparty at Diana Stalder‬.

What is Casmara?

Casmara (cosmetics without limits) is a professional cosmetics company located in Valencia, Spain. For 37 years, Casmara has been known all over the world for their innovative skin solutions, painstaking product research and development, product manufacturing and distribution. A unique experience unlike any other that guarantees quality and prestige with constant innovation.

In the Philippines, Casmara treatment is exclusively available at DIANA STALDER by Dermaline.

Casmara ShineStop Facial

To give you an idea of what Casmara ShineStop Facial is, here’s a video.

The Casmara ShineStop Facial is  a dermopurifying facial treatment that normalizes oily problem skin prone to acne, enlarged pores and impurities. Indicated for combination and oily skins. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of year. Especially suitable for the selective treatment of skins that show an anti-aesthetic aspect caused by excess sebum: thick skins, dilated pores, black-heads, keratosis, excess shine, etc. Containing powerful purifying ingredients in combination with absorbent minerals to leave skin with a healthy, matte look and diminished oil production.


  • eliminates excessive oil production thereby preventing formation of whiteheads and blackheads
  • optimizes the moisture of the skin thus leaving your skin in a matte finish

Casmara ShineStop Phases:


Phase 1: Dermopurifying cleanser
Phase 2: Exfoliating gel
Phase 3: Regulating Treating Gel
Phase 4: Regulating Hydrating Cream
Phase 5: Reaffirming Mask 2020
Phase 6: Regulating Hydrating Cream

My Casmara ShineStop Experience

We arrived at Diana Stalder SM Megamall branch 10 minutes early of our 1PM appointment. We were greeted by the lovely ladies in the reception area, and were asked to sign a patient form.

Waiting is not a problem at Diana Stalder SM Megamall, because they have dS Cafe where you can grab some healthy snacks and freshly made juices.


But since we have an appointment, we don’t have to wait that long. So I suggest to call your favorite Diana Stalder clinic to book an appointment, especially if you hate waiting.

I was the last one to be called so I had some time to take photos and videos of my fellow Grasyas.

Iris Pulga had Ultimate Power Peel
Iris Pulga had Ultimate Power Peel
Mauie had Dermalift
Mauie had Dermalift

Now for my turn…. I had to hand over my phone to Jen for photo ops and videos, which I regret after…. LOL


02Charm, my spa therapist, thoroughly cleansed off the make-up that I was wearing. Then, she steamed my face using the vaporizer for 2 minutes. Charm said this machine is meant to open up my pores so pricking wouldn’t be that painful. Pricking?? Wait!!! No! No! No! Well, that was my initial reaction.  I had a bad experience with other facial center, they pricked my pimples and left scars on my face. Now, mukha na akong moon. =(  But with Charm’s convincing powers,  I obliged to the pricking of my pimples and blackheads. Yes, at 34, I still have them. Blame my hormones! But thanks to my therapist Charm, she was very gentle, but still managed to extract all the junk from my pores. Yipee!

Charm gently massaging my skin with Casmara products to remove impurities

After almost an hour and a half of thorough facial cleansing and massages, it was time for Casmara Re-affirming Mask 2020.

The Casmara Re-affirming Mask 2020 absorbs impurities and waste substances set free as a result of the functioning of the cells. It has a firming and stimulating effect on the muscles due to the spectacular release of cold.

The Casmara Re-affirming Mask 2020 is also the recommended mask for people with for oily acne prone skin as it has powerful properties that detoxify, tone, and hydrate the skin.

Charm politely asked if I wanted to have my face entirely covered, I said yes. The mask feels really cold! Though it may look uncomfortable, it is actually relaxing. It was so soothing that I could have slept, but thanks to my friends for keeping me awake. =D

Do you see what I mean?
Do you see what I mean? Pakana ito ni Jen! >:-( LOL

After 20 minutes, the mask is peeled off. Charm asked me if I’d like to take the mask home because it’s still good for another 24 hours, I said yes =D Then, the cream for the last phase was applied.  And VOILA! It was a wrap! I enjoyed every minute of the treatment!

My face look matte and hydrated for the rest of the day - without any makeup!
My face look matte and hydrated for the rest of the day – without any makeup!

The Grasyas left Diana Stalder happy, giggling, and chatting about our facials. Indeed, #‎dSparty‬ is a great way to relax and enjoy some time together while being pampered.



I was amazed to see that there were really improvements to my skin. My oily and sensitive skin has always troubled me but after the Casmara ShineStop facial treatment, my skin felt soft, moisturized, and shine-free all day long.

The experience was beyond what I expected.  I was really surprised at the quality of service they provided, and would definitely come back again.

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  1. At first I thought I was seeing Tita Annette! Galing talaga ng Casmara Shinestop sis, sa video pa lang kitang kita na yung effect!

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