Sarangani Bay: Our very own Winter Wonder Land

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing snow your entire life, then go to Sarangani Bay! It’s our very own Winter Wonderland. The ice makers in Sarangani Bay’s processing plants can produce as much as 11,000 tons of ice every year! Which at their processing plant, they have three batch–type blast freezer units with a combined capacity of 8.5 metric tons per day, and the state-of-the-art Frigoscandia Spiral freezer with a capacity of 5 metric tons per day. These much ice is used to preserve the freshness of bangus or known as milkfish and other fish as well that are grown and harvested in Sarangani Bay’s farms.

Sarangani Bay produces good quality of bangus that every meticulous mom and even dads would surely prefer. They guarantee all their customers that their bangus and other type of fish are indeed safe and fresh compare to other processor of seafood products. And with the amount of fish that are harvested in Sarangani, they need mountains of ice to preserve it to ensure the freshness of the bangus and other fish once it was taken out the pond.

Note: Once fish are out of the water, their increasing body temperature triggers bacteria growth and decomposition. To stop this from happening and to keep the fish fresh, they are kept submerged in ice right from harvest until they are packed!

That’s why they have their own ice making facility in their processing plant. Here, 30 metric tons of clean snow-white ice is made fresh every day!

In Sarangani Bay, Alson Aquaculture Corp has the largest & fully-integrated farm-to-market BANGUS processing operation in the country. It owns fish hatchery, grow-out ponds, sea cages & processing plant all within the complex. Because of this, it takes much less time for the harvest to reach the processing plant, where they stay packed on ice while awaiting processing. It also means there is end-to-end quality control: from hatching of eggs to fry to growing them out to ponds to harvesting and sorting to processing of full grown fish. This also makes them a much more reliable supplier of consistently premium quality fish. After deboning, bangus are immediately placed in a vacuum-sealed pack and blast frozen so it’s freshly-harvested flavor stays locked in.

Unlike to other suppliers, they are only processors of bangus, which means they only own their processing plant, but have to buy their bangus at wet markets, where quality is never as good. That makes Sarangani Bay stands out compare to others.

For wet market fishes: due to the high cost of ice and long travel lead times bacterial growth has already started before the fish even reaches the market therefore making them no longer fresh. And as you observed whenever you visit public markets, you would eventually spot the differences between a fresh fish to decayed one, right?

Moreover, in Sarangani Bay, fish are transported from any harvested sea cage or pond by a truck filled with ice to their processing plant situated near their farms. And proceed to processing of the fish. The tons of ice used from harvest, the nearby processing plant, and the swift processing all contribute to keeping the fish as fresh tasting as when it was just harvested. So if you’re looking for a winter escape or the freshest bangus, look no further. Sarangani Bay, isda place.

Alsons Bldg., 2286 Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City 1200 Philippines
Trunk Lines: (632) 982-3000
Direct lines: (632) 982-3049 to 50
Fax Number: (632) 982-3002 to 03

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