Patio Guys: Refinish Patio Furniture & Outdoor Furniture Restoration

A patio in your house can really give you additional living space. In the patio area you can organize dinner parties for friends or small picnics for your family members. Your patio also gives you an excellent chance to spend some intimate moments with your beloved under the sky full of stars. These days you can use various designs and construction methods to give your patio an enchanting and fascinating appearance.

Patio improvements, whether building a new one or adding to an existing one, requires some time and careful thinking about how you should go about it. Maybe you even need to look at magazines or other homes for some ideas.

So, now let me tell you about some ideas which would really help you in giving your patio an enchanting and fascinating appearance.

1. Find a good design
2. Plan out your budget
3. Amount of time required
4. Shopping for materials and furniture
5. Hiring a good constructor

If you have an old patio furniture, it is advisable to refinish them. Patio Guys is one of the companies that makes ca patio furniture look like new. Over 30 years has passed and Patio Guys is still the top name in patio furniture restoration and the largest outdoor furniture refinisher in Southern California.

What do Patio Guys do????

  • They Sandblast off old paint
  • Repair cracks and broken welds
  • Inspect for corrosion
  • Repair broken glides
  • Add New glides
  • Add new straps
  • Repaint with a protective powder coat paint
  • Offer a wide variety of colors

Refinishing your outdoor furniture a money saver, you can save up to 70% of replacement cost. You also get the satisfaction that your patio furniture will look like new again. Plus, Patio Guys offers a 5 year warranty on all residential service. They offer convenient one call, they pick up & deliver service and it is great for the environment. So far they have kept 3,000,000 pounds of patio furniture from the environment. Can you imagine how huge that pile would be if they dumped it in a landfill. They use environmentally friendly ”powder coat paint”. They also use recycle materials where ever practical.

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