Successful 1st Blogapalooza in Manila

Everyone has been talking about Blogapalooza and I was lucky enough, together with my partner in life, Monch, to be a part of this momentous event when it comes to my blogging life. Last Saturday (September 17, 2011), the first ever Blogapalooza here in the country was organized by When in Manila, spearheaded by Vince Golangco, together with the rest of his team. It was held at the Top Shelf of Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street and was supported by about 50 sponsors (business partners) and by the active more or less 150 Proud Pinoy bloggers with different niches such as food blogs, techie and fashion blogs, among others.

The main purpose of Blogapalooza is to allow various businesses to introduce their products to the blogging world (a business to bloggers marketing concept), as bloggers are now considered as social media influencers that “our” influence to the community cannot be denied. According to the organizers, Blogapalooza is a community that links big and small businesses “who have something cool to share and the online community of people who love to share”.

During the event, the sponsors were given the chance to present (or to market) their products to bloggers without using a PowerPoint presentation as much as possible, and for that, I would like to commend them for doing a great job in innovating ways to effectively and creatively market their brands to us in just a short span of time.

They also gave samples, gifts and freebies to the participating bloggers and in return, we, as bloggers, will blog about the event, as well as, our opinions towards their products, a win-win situation, I must say, for everyone’s a winner; not to mention the free lunch and snacks provided by Italianni’s, Healthy First, and Size Matters.

After the presentation, my hubby (Monch), together with some of my friend bloggers sort of roam around to get to know fellow bloggers, it was in fact like a Fellowship of Bloggers”, too! We get to meet and greet other bloggers from other niches. Actually, I haven’t roam around the place fully and have not visited all the stalls of the business partners invited by and take lots of pictures (which I usually do during blogging events), because the place was too crowded or let’s say, “Fully Booked”, which really signifies that Blogapalooza was indeed successful!

Anyway, I got lots of freebies during this first ever Blogapalooza in the Philippines. Some of them were Gift Certificates (GCs) from Lazer Extreme and Jap-ok. Because we’re “not that excited”, we immediately tried Lazer Extreme on Monday, September 19 (just 2 days after the Blogapalooza event) at the Market! Market!, then we went straight to Jap-ok Restaurant after the “adrenalin-driven” game with Lazer Extreme.

Jap-ok Restaurant is known not only for its great-tasting Japanese food but also for its affordable cost. They are even voted as the BEST TASTING JAPANESE QUICK SERVICE RESTAURANT CHAIN.

Below are some of the business partners that bragged about their products during the Blogapalooza event:

  • Farmer John’s Premium Potato Chips from Leslie’s that is made from GMO-free Atlantic potatoes and are also free of cholesterol and transfat.
  • Wild Willy’s Real American Chicarones, a healthier alternative to your favorite cholesterol-rich chicharon,
  • Healthy First’s Four seasons and Mango Lychee Natural Fruit Juices, which are available at the Sidcor Sunday Market in Centris Walk for only P45 per bottle.
  • Lipton Tea has now new flavors to give variation and life to your usual tea flavors as its Yellow Label tea is available in choco drink, milk tea, and chai tea.
  • Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass with Honey that helps keep blood clean for only P49 per can. You can grab one at any 7-11 stores.
  • Phiten Rakuwa bracelet promises to help you reduce fatigue and relax your tired nerves and muscles by keeping your stress levels low. Actually, my husband, Monch, already has this bracelet and he told me that it’s really effective.
  • Sparkle Hair Rebonding Treatment Center and Spa located at Merville, Pasay City that offers relaxing full body massage and other spa services at very affordable prices.
  • Blue Water Day Spa that allows you to watch movies while getting a relaxing massage.
  • 360 Degrees Fitness Club which offers 360˚ Circuit training program that combines both cardiovascular and strengthening exercises, which includes 20 exercise stations (10 active stations and 10 rest stations) that are designed to be accomplished in a matter of 30 minutes.
  • Polecats Manila, which offers pole dancing classes as a new exercise regimen that will surely make Filipino women fit, while having fun learning to do it!
  • Human Heart Nature brought to us by Gandang Kalikasan, Inc. and offers a wide array of natural beauty products that are based on three core principles, which are “of being PRO-PHILIPPINES, PRO-POOR, & PRO-ENVIRONMENT”. I would like also to mention that containers used by Human Heart Nature are recyclables.
  • Matabungkay Beach Resort in Lian, Batangas where you can bring your family and friends to enjoy the nature beach. The resort also offers Floating Spa and other sports and activities like beach volley, billiards and Kayak among others.

I just wish that there will be another Blogapalooza event soon, maybe it would be better if this event will be held every year, what do you think? I just hope that, will be convinced enough to organized this event again.

50 Partners, Sponsors and Presenters

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