Fruits of Love

It was said the new San Miguel Flavored Beer video is better than the movie “No Other Woman”. They said that the video is now the “freshest hit”, so I immediately watched it to prove it to myself. I agree that San Miguel Flavored Beer’s Facebook Videos (it was divided into two acts or 2 videos) are really interesting because it has a very cute story and the presentation is really somewhat funny because of the mascot characters, but the story, as what Ms. Kris Aquino said, was “relatable”, and very timely because it really happens in real life.

Let me give you the background of the story: Migui, the mascot Beer, was single when he met Lemon and they fell in love and so they hang out together and spend happy times with each other. Migui even changed his Facebook status from single to “In a relationship”. Then, one day, he met Apple, where his world turned upside down that he changed his Facebook status to “It’s complicated”.

Wait, I know you don’t want to be kept hanging, but I just don’t want to spoil the fun, so I suggest you watch the video for yourself. Now, since I know you’re itching to watch the actual videos, here’s how: visit this link and play the video.

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