14-day Challenge of Potion IVI Premium Collagen Powder Drink


Can you still remember my post about Potion IVI Premium Collagen Powder Drink? If you still can, then I know you’re waiting for an update because I have mentioned on that post that I will be doing the 14-day challenge, where I will take Potion IVI Premium Collagen Powder Drink for 14 straight days then blog about the changes “in me” after the designated date. Yeah, I know, it’s over 14 days now so please pardon me for the delay.

Anyway, let’s get into business. So, on the first day, which was on the 19th of September, I mixed the first pack on my regular juice (as instructed). My juice didn’t have any rare taste, actually, my juice just tasted the same as if nothing was mixed or diluted into it. To make the long story short, let’s fast forward. I did the same thing – mixed a pack of Potion IVI Premium Collagen Powder Drink – for 14 days (without a miss) until October 2, 2011, the 14th day of the challenge. Let me also add that during the 14-day challenge, I have not noticed any adverse effect related to drinking the Potion IVI Premium Collagen Powder Drink and I am confident that it’s perfectly safe!

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I haven’t noticed any change but then, I didn’t worry because I was told that no major visible change can be noticed since I’ve only taken Potion IVI Premium Collagen Powder Drink for 14 days. I was also told that in order to see noticeable transformation in me, especially with my skin and my facial “aura”, I have to continuously take the Potion IVI Premium Collagen Powder Drink. But hey! There’s this instance when a close friend of mine, told me this, “Hey, I think there’s something different in you, I just don’t know what it is but I’m pretty sure you’re glowing”…Hmmm…if this is true, then, I guess I have no choice but to continue with my daily “regimen”, which is to take Potion IVI Premium Collagen Powder Drink (lol).



So, what do you think?

For those who are curious about this Potion IVI Premium Collagen Powder Drink that I’ve been talking about, kindly read my previous post here: https://www.pinayads.com/2011/09/potion-ivi-premium-collagen-powder-drink-fights-skin-ageing/

Know more about POTION IVI Premium Collagen Powdered Drink? Visit www.ivi.com.ph or follow them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/iviryo)

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  1. Wow, this entice me to buy this product and try it too…alam mo naman ang ate mo I am turning 40 na next year, need supplements to look good and look young na hehhehe

  2. hi! im 24 and i want to keep my skin look young. is there any side effects using thisproduct? ok lang ba na gmitin to while using olay products?


  3. I noticed on the photos that your skin looks fairer now and yeah! it’s glowing. I am a reallly vain person and I want to try that product as well, actually I will take one on my break ;p
    It’s quite expensive but it doesn’t matter just as long as I will get the effect that I want.
    Let’s all be pretty and glowing inside and out!!!! :))))

  4. oh I have a question… I’m only 23 would that be fine? coz I heard that this product is advisable for women 25 years of age. What would be the effect of that product for women below 25?

  5. consumed 6 boxes and 10 bottles for less than 3 months and i didnt see any effect. posted a negative comment on ivi facebook page and they only deleted and blocked me. they delete negative comments and only keep the good ones. i think some of the members on the members who are always posting nice things are paid to promote the product.

    1. Hey May!.I always read your posts against IVI this way parang copy paste lang sa iba mong mga comments on other blogspots..Binayaran ka para sumira anu? actually marami kayu ngpost ng ganito same content lahat copy paste nga!

  6. Hi, thanks for this great review. I also tried using this product called “TruLife Collagen Plus Vitamins” when I am wondering around Watsons stores. It will be very helpful if you will post a blog about it also. Thank you!

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