My Love Horoscope:

You are torn between head and heart today Taurus, as practical matters will collide a little bit with romantic matters. Whether you are single or attached, this is going to lead to some heaviness in energy for you today. Part of you will want to spend time on nothing but romance, while another part of you is finding it hard to reconcile the demands of love with some other practical commitments that you have made. You don’t want to work too hard trying to please someone for fear of guilt in refusing their requests, as you can still be authentic to your own needs and commitments without bruising someone’s feelings. Remember that honesty will always get you far, especially in the game of love.

Sorry about this personal post, but there’s no other outlet or other means for me to express my feelings. Since I am the shy type, I usually save my feelings for outlets like personal journals but not on my blog. I really don’t know how to start. I guess I need anxiety depression treatment. Yes, I’m depressed, confused about my life. I’m torn between my heart and my head. I can’t tell you why, maybe some other time I’ll have the courage to share it to you. But for now, please pray for me that I’ll have the courage and strength to do what is right.

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