Asian Eye Institute offers glaucoma treatment

Perhaps, some people have heard the words “Glaucoma disease” but only few people understand what these words mean. Glaucoma is a serious disease of the eye, which is bound to cause serious damage if it is not diagnosed early. It is a disease which attacks the vision nerve and can develop to permanent blindness if it is not cured in time.

It is also one of the most common causes of blindness for people aged over forty years. People are often unaware that they even have this condition as they may not suffer from any obvious symptoms. Nonetheless, it is important to detect the early signs of glaucoma to avoid severe deterioration of sight. Dr. Edgar Leuenberger, glaucoma specialist of the Asian Eye Institute (AEI), advises to bring your parents or any family member to see an ophthalmologist immediately if they experience headaches or nausea after reading, watching TV or movies, or difficulty in navigating stairs; see halos around lights; or frequently bump into things.

The Asian Eye Institute (AEI) offers glaucoma treatment. AEI is a world-class ambulatory eye care center that puts the Philippines on the map of quality health care. AEI is composed of competent medical staff and specialists trained at the Harvard Medical School.

Anyway, early diagnosis plays a very important role in the prevention of blindness from Glaucoma. Help ensure that your parents enjoy their senior years, request for an appointment with the Asian Eye Institute Glaucoma Specialist to detect early signs of vision problems.

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