Delectable Food with health benefits at Cantonese Soup Kitchen

Eating is one of the best “hobby” that I love (*grin), and I feel very lucky being a blogger because I get to be invited to various events, which of course, includes eating! One of these bloggers’ events that I was invited was just last Wednesday, March 10, 2009. The event place? At the Cantonese Soup Kitchen (although the signage says Canton Soup Kitchen) located at Unit C-847 Banawe cor. Linaw St., Quezon City.

Although the restaurant was not that spacious enough to accommodate large number of customers, still the limited space is compensated and even overpowered by its delicious and healthy food. But I was told that they were going to open a new branch this coming April to better serve more customers and bring nutritious food menu to even more clients. I just also would like to add that the interiors are well decorated and do not resemble any other typical, boring Chinese Restaurant. It is enhanced by the furniture that is even imported from other countries, which make the place bring relaxing ambiance to its patrons.

Now, let us talk about food – my favorite topic (hehe). We were served with the Cantonese Soup Kitchen’s specialty of the house; they call it Sibot with Duck Soup, a Chinese herbal soup infused with health benefits to energize anyone who will have a taste of it. The soup was served in a soup bowl with metal to delay the cooling of the soup. For someone who is curious to know what does Sibot means, well it is a Chinese term for medicinal Goji Berries and pronounced as “see-bot”. At first, I thought that it will taste “not so good” as it is made of herbs, but I was surprised when I can’t get enough of it – honestly, it’s what really made me full despite of being served with other healthy and delectable cuisine. The duck really boost the taste of the soup as it is very tender, I was told that the duck was cooked for 2-3 hours to soften it and even make the soup more scrumptious.

In addition, we were also served with the well-known century egg; garlic burst spareribs, which tasted yummy with its sauce, the mapo tofu, which I really love because the tofu has a smooth and tender texture. We were served with both yang chow fried rice and seafood fried rice paired with honey glazed pork (one of my favorite!), beef broccoli with oyster sauce, seafood with broccoli and steamed fish filler with Japanese tofu. As for the dessert, we had the almond jelly with lychee and buchi followed by tea with milk aroma oolong that is so yummy with its milk aftertaste. To top it all, I had the watermelon shake that is so very refreshing (burp).

Oh, I was really full that night and I can’t wait to tag my husband along on my next visit, which is very soon. I’m sure my husband will surely love the food as I do and on my next visit, I’m planning to try the everlasting tea, sine I learned that it is a good and effective remedy for my PCOS problem and my hypertension problem. I mean, where else can I find all of these – enjoying a mouth-watering food, which at the same time gives me health benefits?! It’s only here, at the Cantonese Soup Kitchen.

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