The joy of eating delicious Christmas food is what makes Christmas so special for families. There’s no need to spend a lot. In fact, some of the best Christmas food is actually affordable and easy to make. What’s more, there are lots of recipes available on the internet that children can make themselves!

I’m sharing one of my favorite Christmas dishes with you: Fruit Salad

This recipe is so simple and affordable to make! All you need are the following:

  • Fruit Cocktail
  • Heavy Cream or All Purpose Cream
  • Condensed Milk

Step 1 Drain the fruit cocktail.
Step 2 Add All Purpose Cream and Condensed Milk. Mix well. (5 minutes).
Step 3 Transfer to a serving container and refrigerate overnight. Serve chilled. (overnight)

Since Christmas is also the season of goodwill, why not give a Noche Buena Gift today? Donating at least Php 1,000 will provide two families with a special meal on Christmas eve.

This small gift will allow them to experience God’s love in very tangible ways, during a season that signifies hope.

Since 2006, World Vision has helped children celebrate Christmas with joy, together with their families and communities by giving them Noche Buena gifts that they can share on Christmas eve. This year, World Vision wants to continue this gift-giving tradition and bring JOY to 24,000 families. Vulnerable communities are still struggling with the secondary impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Christmas is an opportunity for them to experience something uplifting.

Donate a Noche Buena Gift today:

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