ProtectPlus Launched with Gladys Reyes and Cristopher Roxas as Endorsers

Protect your family at home with ProtectPlus

When it comes to health and wellness products trust plays an important role. This is why people check for product certification or approval, endorsement from trusted personalities, and feedback from actual users before buying. In this aspect ProtectPlus, a new local brand of alcohol has got all 3 covered.

Government Approved and Certified Safe

ProtectPlus has been FDA approved and tested by the DOST to guarantee that it’s safe for human use. This locally manufactured alcohol product is made of pharmaceutical-grade isopropyl alcohol and food-grade ethyl alcohol. The use of food-grade ethyl alcohol ensures that the product is free from methanol which can have adverse effects on health ranging from drowsiness, headaches, inability to coordinate muscle movements, etc. Aside from being proven safe to use, it has also been proven effective in killing surface gem and viruses.

Endorsed by Trusted Personalities

Showbiz couple Gladys Reyes, Christopher Roxas, and family are the chosen endorsers of ProtectPlus. Over the years Gladys and Christopher have enjoyed a good reputation in both career and personal life. But more than their career it is the couple’s family life that makes them perfect as endorsers of ProtectPlus. Both have strived hard to provide for their kids and care for their well-being. They have four kids each of whom have merits to be proud of.

Positive Feedback from Actual Users

ProtectPlus was introduced to the market in 2020 so it’s relatively new in the industry. In the past two years, it has enjoyed some positive feedback as a practical alternative to well-known brands. They are expanding their reach with a growing list of distributors. In this manner, ProtectPlus isn’t just protecting the Filipino family from germs and viruses but also providing business opportunities for Filipinos whose source of income may be adversely affected by the pandemic.

Like the Family of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Roxas, show you also care about the well-being of your FAMILY with #ProtectPlus Alcohol!
It is proven to kill 99.99 percent of most common germs that may cause illness without damaging skin.
ProtectPlus formulation kills germs fast and evaporates quickly, so germs don’t become resistant.
Perfect for frequent use.

The need to safeguard the family’s health is a constant in our lives. Thus products that protect us from germs and viruses should be considered essential. With ProtectPlus alcohol offering a practical alternative for your needs, then it’s definitely worth a try.

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