Advantages of Video Ads

The digital world is virtually limitless, and video ads are no exception. Using this medium, you can design various ads, from expandable banners to URL links and call-to-actions through hashtags and click-throughs. In addition, it can increase web traffic and revenue. As a result, videos have been steadily growing in popularity and are one of the most effective types of advertising available today. In this article, we’ll explore some of the advantages of video ads.

Online video ads increase product sales by 40%

Using video advertisements to sell your products is an effective way to promote your brand. Using video in your product descriptions can boost sales by 40% and increase the recall rate. Most people remember a video advertisement within a month, and 40% of consumers purchase a product after watching it. In addition, 92% of people who watch videos regularly share them on social media. As a result, your videos may become viral and increase your product sales by 40%.

The best times to promote sales videos coincide with major shopping days, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday. These days will boost conversions since there will be an increased interest in purchasing the products. Use a marketing calendar to schedule these videos. Videos timed to promote a sale are easy to create and timed well. High-performing videos will clarify what their product offers and include a compelling call to action.

They increase product recalls by 40%

Did you know that video ads can increase product recalls by 40 percent? The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued 367 recalls involving 28 million product units in one year. Recalls have devastating repercussions and can wipe out entire companies and brands. Video ads can help brands and companies recover from such issues. 

Recalls are costly for all companies. Companies must be prepared. Video ads can increase recalls by 40% when embedded into product descriptions to avoid these problems. Consumers are more likely to remember the video advertisements within a month. Additionally, 40% of viewers buy a product after watching a video advertisement. This content is also widely shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

They reduce the need for narrative descriptions.

While image and text ads rely on visual cues and copy to captivate viewers, video ads use movement and sound to tell stories. As a result, they are far more effective at conveying a narrative message. And because they’re easier to consume, they tend to sustain a viewer’s interest for longer. Moreover, a video that piques interest is more likely to convert to a sale.

A story is the foundation of every video. It is the vehicle for your message, and most stories revolve around a central character who overcomes an obstacle. Normally, a customer is the main character, and the problem they overcome is one the product or service solves. The second most common story format is news, which focuses on the facts of a news story rather than the characters. This narrative style is often used for product or service demonstrations and testimonials. It can also be used for longer ads.

They’re versatile across platforms.

Video ads are a great way to reach your target audience on various platforms. Because video advertising formats are so versatile, you can easily change the length of your ads depending on your platform. The length of the video is generally up to 15 seconds, but it can be as long as 2 minutes if you wish. For this reason, most social media apps recommend videos under 30 seconds. You can also keep your video ads under 15 seconds for maximum versatility.

The shareability of video ads is another advantage. Videos that hit the right note tend to go viral. Videos that touch on emotion will be shared widely, whether it’s funny, stupid, beautiful, or creepy. It can boost brand awareness. Therefore, creating a memorable video that appeals to your target audience is critical. In addition to being shareable, video ads are also highly measurable. You can create a successful omnichannel campaign without much effort with a few simple tweaks.

They increase business volume by 50%

If you’re interested in boosting sales, consider video advertising as a way to achieve this goal. The power of video ads lies in the fact that they have almost limitless distribution options. They’re not limited to a specific format but can also be designed to include a URL link, expandable banner, call-to-action via hashtags, and click-through. They can also be shared across various platforms, boosting web traffic and revenue.

Videos have proven to increase click-through rates. The average user retains 95% of what they see when watching a video. It is much higher than when reading a single-page text ad. In addition, video ads increase purchase intent and brand association by as much as 139%, compared to text ads. Users are also prone to sharing videos, Twitter users share 700 videos daily.

They improve search engine rankings.

While videos have become a popular part of internet marketing, there are some tips to optimize your videos and improve your overall SEO. Google has noted that videos make up 60% of all searches, so using this format can increase your ranking on search engines and boost traffic to your website. Include a transcript in your video. Video transcripts do not have the same effect on search engine rankings as text-based content, so be sure to include one.

After uploading your videos, promote them on other websites and channels. It will drive more traffic, generate more links, and build authority. It is crucial to create quality videos relevant to your website, as this will increase the chances of conversions. Another important tip is to ensure the video content you post is hosted on your domain. This way, Google can better understand that it is your content.


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