Do you miss watching movies on the big screen? I think most of us do. Although we aren’t short of films to watch with Netflix around, we still miss the feel of having a big screen and the surround sound that one experiences in movie theaters. The next best thing for us is to have a home theater set up at home. For those who want to be practical about this all you need is one device, the LUMOS RAY Projector.

What is a LUMOS RAY projector?


LUMOS is a brand of compact home cinema projectors that originated in Singapore. Their direct-to-consumer business model enables them to provide the best price for quality projectors that consumers can enjoy. It is this best value for money quality that appeals to the Filipino market and earns 5-star reviews from most of its users. As a movie fanatic, my interest in this product is for home entertainment and the LUMOS RAY Projector is definitely a great fit for this need.

What makes it ideal for Home Entertainment?

Compact Size with Big Viewing Impact. When you’ve got a growing family every square inch of space in the house becomes valuable. As such people usually veer away from bulky fixtures and appliances that make rooms look smaller or cluttered. The nice thing with the LUMOS RAY is that it’s compact at 16x17x15 cm only. It’s also lightweight so you can easily bring it along with you when you go out of town.  Don’t let the size fool you, this compact projector has a short throw that can project anywhere from 100 to 150-inch screen with a distance of only 3m. This easily converts a small bedroom into a mini-cinema for the whole family.

Complete cinema viewing elements in one smart device. Aside from the big screen, it also has all the cinema viewing elements that you want. You get great visual clarity from a 720p HD Resolution, vivid colors from its bright 3000 lumens, and cinema surround sound from an inbuilt Dolby Audio. This means you get vibrant and clear pictures and not the pale and grainy ones that you get from old projector models. Another nice thing about it is that there’s an option to connect to an external speaker via Bluetooth or port for those who are very particular with immersive sound experience. All these features will definitely make your home movie viewing feel like it’s in a cinema theater.

Easy to use with no fuss at all! You don’t have to be a tech genius to use the LUMOS RAY projector. The instructions are quite easy to follow and they’ve got your entertainment favorites all set up for you. It has in-built Netflix and YouTube so it’s basically plug-and-play for you.


Finding the perfect angle for a flat and straight frame is also easy because of its compact size and availability of slots for tripod mounting.

Very versatile with its Wireless Mirror Casting feature. This projector isn’t just great for watching movies, you can also use it for games or Zoom meetings. It has an inbuilt Air Screen app that allows you to stream your devices via Wi-Fi screen mirroring. As such you get to have a better movie experience, upgraded gaming experience, and bigger virtual meetings right at home.

Design factor. For me, the LUMOS RAY is designed with aesthetics and practicality in mind. It has a sleek and compact look that can easily blend with your home furnishing. It is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to move around and switch projection from wall to ceiling depending on your mood. These same features also make it portable that you can bring it along with you during staycations or visiting friends.

What makes it perfect for me?

Aside from all the features mentioned above, the brand confidence and value for money that I get from LUMOS RAY make it the perfect device for me. Although relatively new to the market, the LUMOS brand has enjoyed a lot of positive reviews and now enjoys a reputation for quality projectors. This sparks confidence in the brand in terms of both product and service. But perhaps the best thing I like about it is its value for money. You can get the Regular Home Cinema Projector for only P8,999 and the Smart Home Cinema Projector for only P11,999. I’d say that’s a real steal!

Where can you get the LUMOS RAY projector?

You can get your LUMOS RAY projector online at their official site:

One of the reasons why they’ve got the best-priced projectors is that they go straight to the consumers and not through middlemen so I suggest you only transact with their official site to make sure you’re getting the real deal.


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