Just like the farm-to-table, the concept of farm-to-face beauty has been a growing trend for a few years now.

What Is Farm-to-Face Beauty?

“Farm to face beauty literally means, products harvested and delivered to your skin without the use of harmful chemicals or long-journeys in between.”

Farm-to-Face Brand in the Philippines

Available on Shopee, Farmskin is the new brand of skincare and personal care products from South Korea. Its products are known to have been derived from natural ingredients. Its brand is known to be cruelty-free and ethically conscious in all its processes and practices, including its assurance to remove 6 skin-toxic ingredients that are still seen in other skincare products today.

Farmskin practices NO Triethanolamine, NO Ethanol, NO Methylparaben, NO Benzophenone-3, NO Talc, and NO Butylparaben. This is why it is considered to be safe to use for all skin types and ages-even for pregnancy and to the most sensitive skin! Use Farmskin to kickstart a healthy lifestyle for your skin. Begin this habit now with all-natural ingredients from farm to skin.

Must try Farmskin Products

SuperFood Facial Cleansing foams

These foams are definitely good for all skin types and have a unique technology called “safe fragrance” that is made out of natural and hypoallergenic ingredients

If you want to achieve that natural rosy pink glow, try Beet facial cleansing foam. While Avocado facial cleansing foam can help soothe any sensitivities. For Sensitive Skin, Fresh Food Grape Cleansing Foam is recommended. Fresh Food Facial Orange Cleansing Foam is for Normal Skin while Pomegranate is for Dry Skin.

Price starts at Php 179, you can get Farmskin Facial Cleansing foams on Shopee

Facial Sheet Mask

Farmskin’s Facial Sheet Mask set has four types of packages that varies to your skin type needs. It has different healthy flavors that you can choose from that will let you break free from worries of your skin and just let these sheet masks do the healing.

Water-type Essence facial sheet masks:
? Tomato – Revitalizing
? Green Tea – Soothing
? Carrot – Pore-purifying
? Kale – Purifying
? Beet – Brightening
? Blueberry – Strengthening
? Mangosteen – Balancing
? Broccoli – Refreshing

Cream-type Essence facial sheet masks:
? Avocado – Softening
? Coconut – Nourishing
? Honey – Illuminating
? Olive – Firming

Price starts at Php 59, you can get Salad Facial Sheet Mask on Shopee

Puzzle Soap

These boxes contain wonderful Puzzle Soap pieces, each box looking for 3 others to complete a whole set of 4. You may customize your own personal soaps by choosing the benefits and variants that would fit best with your skin!
Each flavor provides a different benefit for the skin:
Tomato- Revitalizing
Cranberry-Skin Plumping and hydrating
Orange- Refreshing
Carrot- Pore care
Mango- Nourishing
Grape- Moisturizing
Cucumber- Soothing for sensitive skin
Avocado- Smoothing for a clear face
Blueberry- Energezing and skin strengthening
Fig- Brightening
Mangosteen- Skin Balancing
Charcoal- Skin Purifying
Price starts at Php 85, you can get these Puzzle Soap on Shopee
Have a healthy lifestyle for skin using Farm Skin products. Shop for your favorite Farmskin products at: https://shopee.ph/farmskin
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