Babies have the most sensitive skin that is why it requires special care. Not just from parents but from everything that touches their skin. This is why most parents are meticulous in choosing products for their babies especially when it comes to bath soaps and lotion. In this aspect, Tender Care comes to mind as one of the brands that had been taking gentle care of baby’s skin.

Tender Care soap has been around for as long as I can remember. It is specially formulated for the baby’s sensitive skin. Aside from its gentle cleansing benefits, I also love the scent of their classic soap bar. But of course, like most quality brands, Tender Care has developed new and more improved products to provide better care for your baby’s skin. The latest one that I got to try is the Tender Care Lavender and Oat Milk. Here are 3 things that I like about it.

Gentle Formulation. This mild and gentle baby soap is made with Oat Milk extract and infused with Lavender scent and 100% natural essential oils. It is gently formulated for the baby’s skin and is Hypoallergenic. The Oat Milk extract is a key ingredient for soothing and moisturizing dry skin. This is perfect for babies who have sensitive skin and those who are prone to eczema or Atopic  Dermatitis.

Soothing, Calming, and Relaxing. Aside from the soothing benefits of oats, this Tender Care soap variant also has a calming and relaxing effect. This is because of the Lavender scent that comes from 100% essential oils.

100% Safe for Baby’s Skin.  Tender Care soap doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like Paraben, Silicone, and artificial coloring so your baby’s skin is safe and protected. That’s gentle care that’s simply perfect for your baby.

Aside from the Tender Care Lavender and Oat soap you can also add the Tender Care Lavender and Oat Baby Wash and the Tender Care Lavender and Oat Baby Powder in your baby care set.

This way your baby gets all the gentle care that they need. These baby care products are easily available to you because can get them all from Shopee.

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  1. Ma. Cyril Creer on

    Agree po ako dyan mommy Iris . Mitikuluso po talaga tayo pagdating sa mga produkto na ginagamit para sa ating mga anak ..
    At isa po talaga ang Tender Care sa brand na pinagkakatiwalaan nating mga mommies pagdating sa skin care. Safe gamitin at Gentle sa balat, plus supee bango pa .. ??

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