Beauty standards differ for every individual. As the saying goes “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. But radiant beauty is something that is really hard to miss which is why most women have them on their beauty goals. It’s a good thing that today’s science can let your beauty shine in just a short matter of time. My choice of science is the Cetaphil Brightening Essentials. Here is a quick look at what these beauty must-haves can do for you.

Cetaphil Radiance Routine Day-Night Cream Duo

Your beauty routine is set with these two Cetaphil Brightening Essentials. You’ve got your Day Protection Cream with Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Brightening Day Protection Cream SPF 15. This morning routine essential can give you brighter and even-toned skin in just a matter of 4 weeks. It has  Gentlebright Technology that uses natural sea daffodil extract which is proven to be effective in dealing with dark spots. It is combined with brightening niacinamide (vitamin B3) to even out skin tone. It also illuminates and hydrates while also giving protection from sun damage with its SPF 15. What I like about it is that it doesn’t irritate or weaken the skin barrier. I also love that it’s non-greasy and easy to absorb by the skin.

To complete the Duo we’ve got Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Brightening Night Comfort Cream. It also has Gentle Bright Technology that brightens and evens skin tone without irritating or weakening the skin barrier. As a result, dark spots are lightened and better-looking skin is revealed after 4 weeks of daily use.

Cetaphil Radiance Routine

Be radiant all over with this skincare set. It has a Cetaphil Brightness Reveal Bar that gently cleanses and purifies without drying sensitive skin. Aside from removing dirt and impurities, this soap also illuminates and hydrates the skin all over your body. Thus leaving you not just feeling fresh but also looking radiant. Pair it with Cetaphil Brightening Lotion and you’ve got all you need for a brighter and more even skin tone in 4 weeks.

You can get your hands on these Cetaphil Brightening Essentials without straining your budget especially if you get them from Shopee Beauty Luxe Exclusive. These essentials are now available at up to 33% off. Catch it while you can.

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  1. Ma. Cyril Creer on

    Ang bongga naman po ng Shopee Beauty Luxe Exclusive my pa 33% off pa sa mga Cetaphil Brightening products .. Talagang maaachieve ang visibly brighter and healthy looking skin pag ito ang gamitin ..

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