We have been staying in our new house for 2 years already but there’s still a lot of things that need to be done to make it look like the dream house that I want it to be. As a practical person, I prefer to do these improvements one room at a time. We already did an upgrade on our bedroom recently, now we are going to work on Sam’s room. This time I am planning to get my new home and décor pieces from HomeZania, Angie Lowland, and Wallpaper City.

My daughter Sammy likes to cuddle up with us at night so she mostly sleeps with us in our bedroom. But since she is growing up already we are slowly transitioning her to sleeping in her own room. One way to motivate her is by fixing up her room into something that she would love to sleep in. Aside from the decors that we already got, we are also furnishing the room with pieces that can help her organize her things. One of the pieces that we want to get from HomeZania is this  Ottoman Rectangular Storage Stool Sit Sofa Folding Box Chair. It’s has a padded chair so I’m confident that Sam will be safe and comfy while using it. The storage feature is a major plus because it allows us to maximize the space in her room.

I’m also planning to get some new wallpapers. My pick is the Wallpaper City Self Adhesive Bricks Design Wallpaper Home Decor Sticker. It has Multicolor Bricks Design that can easily be installed due to its self-adhesive feature. This is perfect nowadays because you can go D-I-Y and not worry about having workers inside your home. It is also removable so you can change it or renovate it as you please.

Other notable features that I like are :

Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Mold-Proof, Soundproof, Sound-Absorbing, Heat Insulation, Anti-static.

While I’m at it I also eyeing some pieces for our dining room, the Angie Lowland Dining Chair Cover.  Its made with high-quality fabric. Based on the feedbacks, it has thick material which makes it easy to manage. It also has good tactile properties, good elasticity, and is washable. A high-class low-maintenance piece that fits the dining room.

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  1. I really like also decorating our house by putting wall paper because for me it adds beauty and designs in our living room and in our bed room. I already purchased wall paper from wall paper city and I like all the designs and quality. Our chair is also old and I also put cover on it so it will look like new. I love all this products because I don’t have to do major renovations in our simple house.

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