The effects of the K-fever that hit Pinoys several years ago remain strong until now. We still haven’t gotten over our love for K-pop, K-drama, K-Beauty and Korean Food. When it comes to having a good time me and my K-tropa love to share samgyeopsal treats with a nice bottle of Korean soju.

This alcoholic drink is like a sweet version of a vodka and so enjoyable that it’s easy to lose track of how much you’ve had. This is why some people who love to drink soju already have some hangover tricks ready before a soju night out.
Here is a look at them.

Hot treats to cool down your hangover.

The first Korean soju that I really enjoyed is the Jinro Chamisul Original Soju. It tastes good especially when paired with Korean Barbecue dishes.

Since being launched in 1924 in South Korea and starting global exports in the late 60’s, JINRO Soju has risen to be the #1 selling spirit worldwide. Currently available in 58 countries around the world, including the Philippines. Jinro Soju is widely available throughout the Philippines, both through online delivery and in supermarkets & convenience stores nationwide!

JINRO Soju remains to be a pillar in spreading Korean drinking culture throughout the world.

They also have flavored soju that I got to try later on and I enjoyed it too. Although I drank more than I was planning to, I didn’t get any hangover because I didn’t go overboard on my drinking.  But those who did went for a strong cup of coffee afterwards.

Now if you want to do it the Korean way, then go for some hot and spicy soup. They say that these soups are so hot that they make you sweat. This in turn helps release toxins from the body. They actually have a hangover soup which is called the Gamjatang.

It’s a brew of hot and spicy broth that can really make you sweat. It is made by simmering pork bones for a long time then the strained milky bone broth is seasoned with Korean special condiments such as gochugaru (Korean chili flakes) and gochujang (Korean chili paste). You can also try the kongnamulguk or the bean sprout soup.

Sweat it out in the Spa.

If you’re so full that you can’t get any hangover soup in your tummy then simply sweat it out in the Sauna. They also recommend having some Sikhye while lounging in the Sauna. This beverage made from rice is said to help you hydrate and shorten the hangover period.

Prep for it with recovery drinks or nurse it with ice cream.

The Koreans really love their soju that they’ve got cool hangover remedies available. They’ve got recovery drinks like the Heotgae Condition, Dawn 808, and Morning Care. These drinks contain traditional ingredients like red ginseng lotus and Raisin tree fruit juice which is said to be effective in dealing with hangovers. They even have a hangover ice cream bar that has Raisin tree fruit juice in it. It’s called a Gyeondyo Bar, a grapefruit-flavored ice cream bar that you can enjoy for your nightcap.

The next time you find yourself feeling lousy after a long night out with your officemates or friends, consider curing your hangover the Korean way. You might just be surprised at the results.

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