Lately, it seems that live cam sites are taking over the adult industry. Porn movies are still popular, but more and more people find that live chatting with a sexy model brings more pleasure than prerecorded videos. You can enjoy the show or take part in creating content. That will all depend on what you actually want from camming and how much you are willing to pay for it.

Some award-winning and popular adult movie actresses have used their beauty and sex appeal to become sex cam models. But there are many ordinary people among them, who see camming as an opportunity for fun and excitement, but above all for good earnings. It could be a cashier from a nearby supermarket or a neighbor next door.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to do camming:

The requirements to do this job are pretty loose because different people have different sexual appetites. That’s why you have to work on your performance, appearance, attitude, and communication with viewers. You have to bring them something new or engage them somehow.

Public Shows


Public shows, as their name suggests, are performances for more viewers. Anyone registers on a platform where a broadcast can access your shared room. It can only watch you or chat in a group chat with you and other viewers. They can also tip you because they like you or they especially enjoy something you do.

At the beginning of the career, each cam model worked mostly in public rooms. They are streamed on some webcam platforms with a live webcam broadcast. The goal is to earn tokens (which are then converted into real money). Still, at the very beginning, most cam girls will be happy with the increase in the number of visitors or with some gifts. Even absolute beginners know to do something that will keep the viewers’ attention and bring them tips.

Public shows are an excellent method for high earnings. Some popular performers have several hundred viewers at a time. But the number of room attendees is not crucial; the key is in keeping all of them happy (or at least most of them). If you know what to do, it can bring you pretty high tips.

Private Sessions

If you are looking for something better and more enjoyable, you may want to join live action in some of the many private rooms. Public rooms are often crowded, so there is little chance that your requests (via chat threads) will reach the performer. But tips in the form of tokens ‘will find its way to a cam girl,’ so don’t skimp on them.

Most live cam sites like freecams have the option for models to differentiate their viewers by who pays and who just watches. For those who are really doing their best and are generous with tips, there is a chance for a private session. Those who succeed in pulling the chosen model aside will experience pleasure on a whole new level.

In a private room, cam girls will perform solely for those who pay for that. There, viewers have closer contact with you. Depending on what you’re into, they can ask you to do erotic things. They can watch you stripping, masturbating, doing cosplay, or having sex with your partner(s).

Video Recording


Besides live broadcasting, cam girls can make money from selling custom videos on popular clip sites. This explicit content can be created spontaneously and can also be made to order (according to the clients’ wishes). After making the video to the initial orderer, it goes on open sale.

Over time, cam girls who make a special effort around their viewers get their fans. These are the people who support their work and do everything to help them. The videos they record have some similarities with porn movies, but with one big difference. Porn is pre-edited, while footage of cam girls brings enjoyment because of spontaneous performances. As seen here, viewers enjoy not knowing what will happen next.


Although it doesn’t seem like it at first glance, the job of a cam girl is not easy. You should jump over the initial barrier and not be disappointed if your room is not always full. It just means you need to work on your performance, introduce some innovations, and fix communication with viewers. Once you engage them, you’ll have them for good.



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