Tough is an understatement to describe how the past year has been with the immense impact it brought to the daily lives and health of the Filipinos. The new normal has been challenging, and it has put significant pressure on our healthcare system. But tough can also be used for our frontliners, the first line of defense against increased cases of COVID-19. They have been a symbol of strength, perseverance, and their dedication to do so makes them worthy of all the praises and gratitude.

To support Filipinos and more especially the nation’s healthcare frontline workers, Safeguard Philippines partnered with Mercury Drug Corporation to release 20,000 bottles of an all-new limited-edition liquid hand soap an illustration of the modern-day medical frontliner. All sales profits from these bottles will be used to donate handwashing facilities in health centers in key cities at the center of the pandemic. This is a tribute of Safeguard to all medical frontliners, as one of the efforts under the #SAFEWash movement.

Gian Yap, Brand Director of Safeguard Philippines, said, “Through the tireless efforts of our frontliners, Filipinos’ health has been safeguarded despite the current situation. Therefore, we dedicate this collaboration to them, the frontliners, who have served as the Safeguardians of the Philippines and continue to do so. With the proper facilities and resources, we aim to extend their efforts through proper handwashing.”

“It is our honor to be a part of this collaboration as we express our gratitude to our frontliners who continue to keep us safeguarded through these challenging times. Your tireless efforts will not go unnoticed and will be championed with our commitment to serve Filipinos.” Mercury Drug Corporation shared through a representative.

Safeguard’s limited-edition liquid hand soap design is of a healthcare frontline worker with a mask. Through the design as well, they are tagged as the “Safeguardians of the Philippines.”

As a sign of gratitude to our frontliners, the brand hopes to uplift, strengthen, and extend the efforts of frontliners through Safeguard’s power to eliminate 99.9% of germs, and arming Filipinos with proper handwashing education and facilities.

Show your support to our frontliners and help provide access to handwashing facilities for Filipinos by purchasing the limited-edition bottles, available in Mercury Drugstore nationwide until supplies last.

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  1. Marichu Galos on

    Most Trusted talaga ang Safeguard pagdating sa Anti-bacteria na soap and body wash esp sa mga kids. And sa panahon ngayon, hindi lang dapat mabango dapat protektado din. Ang lalo na sa mga frontliners malaking tulong eto to protect them from Any Kind of germs and viruses.

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