Something is soothing yet magical, and at the same time powerful about the color white. We see mountain peaks dusted with what looks like a generous helping of powdered sugar, children laughing and playing in fields covered from end to end in spotless snow, and celebrities gracing magazine covers with teeth that look too good to be real, yet they are.

How can such a humble color have this degree of impact in our lives?

We have taken this blank canvas of a hue and created art masterpieces for the world to marvel at, used it to symbolize health and well-being in the world, and turned it towards ourselves to better our aesthetics.

It encompasses pure, raw, and strength all at once, and we have come to embody this for all it offers.

The world of today.

The fashion industry, advertising world, and social media platforms have become the go-to search medium to compare ourselves with the rest of the world, the society that aims to emanate perfection, and the latest trend is no different.

Famous people and well-known celebrities seem to have something that we don’t, yes they have the money, the fame, and a home full of designer items, but there’s that little something extra. Their overall aesthetic is just that bit more extraordinary, with increased flawlessness, and a smile to seal any handshake deal.

Braces and orthodontics can only do so much, to achieve the next tier in a world-class smile you want your pearly’s to be white as snow. It will set you apart from the crowd and boost your morale when you weren’t aware you needed it.

Bleaching sessions for your teeth can cost up to thousands of unnecessary dollars, take a day out of your already busy schedule, and you have to sit with your mouth open for hours on end. Thankfully, there is an alternative to such a tedious process, a simple ‘do it yourself’ at-home kit that takes a fraction of the time so you don’t have to miss out on events or occasions.

Easy to follow instructions, everything you need neatly packaged in one box and delivered to your door before you know it, if you have always wanted to have whiter, brighter teeth but don’t have the finances to give out hundreds of dollars then this is the answer you have been waiting for.

Get the smile you have always wanted with this teeth whitening kit and be the best version of yourself that you deserve to be. Life is too short to be seen in every photo with a closed-lip smile – trust me I have lived this chapter – gain a renewed confidence with a brighter smile and show the world what they’ve been missing.


Features to look for in a tooth whitening kit.

We all know there are plenty of companies offering the same products but with the difference being their promotions, discounts, or advertising strategies that appeal to customers.

When it comes to choosing a tooth whitening kit suited to you and the types of teeth you have (sensitive or not) it is best advised to do some research and homework into the brands and products you have narrowed the choices down to and conclude from there.

Let’s take a quick look at the top priorities people consider when deciding on their whitening kits.

  • Results. This for me is the main objective, customer satisfaction, and proven results that show the product works. We essentially decide with our eyes and which is why searching for the ‘before and after’ photos tend to be our go-to medium.
  • Speed. Nobody likes to wait when they are excited about something, thus we look for optimal results in the least amount of time. How can we get the best, most noticeable results, quickly?

There are always going to be the skeptics and the critics out there with their negative vibes, but the majority of the population rave about the advantages, read some of their comments here https://www.quora.com/Does-teeth-whitening-really-work and conclude from there how you feel about it all. You may be hesitant or just need confirmation, this blog may be your answer.

  • We aren’t all professionals by any means, a simple step-by-step guide will appeal to the majority than one that requires specific tools, timings, or equipment. The easier the better.


Why do we whiten?

It isn’t always about looks when we decide to improve our features, it could be health-related and for some overcoming a mental hurdle, either way, you will feel more confident in yourself and live a better quality of life because of it.

The main objective for most is to remove stains, over time with the coffee and soda drinking, smoking, and food choices our teeth become yellow and start to look less appealing, we then bleach them to remove the discoloration and improve the brightness.

You might have had a negative comment spoken about you that knocked your self-confidence, with a new, whiter smile you can lift your head high again.

Age too is a factor and one that is inevitable, while we cannot prevent the yellowing of aging teeth we can increase and better our oral hygiene practice to slow down the process.

But don’t be fooled into thinking we have only recently become obsessed with whiter teeth, read an interesting article in this link, and see how the whitening process dates back centuries and how they evolved into the methods we know today.


The final word.

Whether you are preparing yourself for upcoming job interviews, a school reunion where you certainly want to impress, or a special occasion like weddings or graduations, the fact that you want to have a brighter smile shows you have self-care, self-worth, and are making a dedicated effort to achieve it.

So many people ‘talk the talk’ as it were but never go through with it, they will sit up and notice however when you walk in the room smiling with a renewed strut in your step. Good on you.

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    Honestly, I have no problem with the color. It’s just my top teeth are apart from eachother. Also I have charcol toothpaste and it works amazingly!

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