It has been months since we transitioned into the ‘Masked Life’ brought about the ongoing pandemic. Face masks are now staples in our OOTDs when we go out or even inside the house. Whenever the mask comes off we may have noticed some new facial foes – blemishes, pimples, redness and skin irritation around the cheeks, jawline and mouth. These irritations have become ubiquitous that mask acne is now called ‘maskne’.

Dermatologists have noticed that maskne develops as people wear masks for prolonged period of time. Breakouts are seen in the areas covered by masks and face shields that touch the skin. Moisture, bacteria, friction and weather play into the emergence of these pesky skin growths.

The Acne X Line is a complete sweep from cleansing to moisturizing skin while eradicating impurities such as acne. These are available at SkinStation SM Cherry Antipolo.

While ultimately a dermatologist’s advice is still important, SM Supermalls’s shops have solutions to the irritating maskne. Anti-acne products are aplenty at Watsons and other wellness shops like SkinStation in SM Cherry Antipolo, Dermcare, Bioessence at SM City Masinag, SM City San San Mateo and The Face Shop at SM City Masinag among others. These products may contain one or more ingredients like topical salicylic acid, retinoids, benzoil peroxide, which can help unclog pores and reduce oiliness of the skin.


Gentle moisturizers which are gel-based or water-based are good options to moisturize the skin. It can help restore the integrity of the skin’s barrier as it is compromised from using facial masks and coverings. Likewise, masks that are made from cloth, cotton or breathable masks are good in preventing maskne. Local clothing lines like Regatta and Penshoppe offer cloth face masks in packs.

Penshoppe Cloth Face Mask in 3s are anti-dust, breathable with removable filter. These are available at Penshoppe in SM City San Mateo, SM Center Angono, SM City Masinag and SM Cherry Antipolo.
The technology behind the AirBon uses a highly advanced nano-fibre material to provide extreme protection (in excess of 97% particle filtration) while simultaneously allowing for advanced breathability and comfort. AirBon masks are available at The SM Store in SM City San Mateo and SM City Masinag.

Taking extra steps in taking care of our skin while steering clear from the coronavirus could be tedious but washing hands and face, even the masks we use after a day could be of big help in beating out maskne and the lingering Covid-19.
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  1. Chan Jen Clemente on

    i’ve noticed that too mommy. breakouts sa mga parts na covered ng masks.. thanks for this. we’ll check this out the nearest watsons samin. have a quick look also sa penshoppe and mukhang ok nga ang cottony mask. thanks for sharing all this mommy iris.

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