Grilled or barbecued dishes are all-time favorites during gatherings. They are especially great when eating outdoors because you can get your meat, fish or veggies right off the grill. Not just that you can easily have a barbecue party in your backyard on a nice sunny day. Here are some backyard barbecue basics to get you started.

Plan your menu. The menu should be well-planned regardless if you are having a party or just eating outdoors with the family. This is because a backyard barbecue is about enjoying the food and company while outdoors. Don’t worry because planning and prepping dishes can be quite easy. Aside from getting quick tutorials from YouTube, you can also get marinated meat from the grocery. Another option is to just get steaks, burgers, and choice cuts from Stemmler Meats or your butcher then pop them into the grill.

Set the yard for dining. A picnic table and a bench would suffice for a simple backyard barbecue. Another option is to have a nice table set-up with chairs that allow you to sit back and enjoy your meal. If you want something fancy then you can set up a few lights and décor in your backyard as well.

Start the grill. Once everything is set, you can start the grill and get cooking. If this is your first time working with a grill then you may want to pay attention to your cooking or you may end up with burnt meat.

Eat and enjoy. If it’s a small family gathering then everyone eats at the same time when the food is cooked. But if it’s a barbecue party then the grilling doesn’t stop until the party is over.

Now comes the dirty job, cleaning up. Clear the dishes, fold the tables, and clean the grill. Let’s hope your heat pump is working because you’ll need hot water to get the grease out of your dishes. As for the grill, you don’t want to put off cleaning it or you’ll have a tough time removing the grease and dirt.

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