2020 seems to be a flurry of adjustments for everyone including moms and kids. After coping with the health protocols, we are now faced with the challenges of the 2020-2021 school year. Like most parents I suddenly found myself a bit clueless on how to go about the new distance learning set-up. A lot of us are also anxious about its impact on our child’s education. It’s a good thing that there are online resources like the Distance Learning Tips from TANG to help us with the adjustments.

For some, distance learning challenges have already started while others still have until October to prepare for it. But since we are new to this set-up, adjustments are still being made to improve our new “school” routine. I recently watched the live session of Prepared with TANG: Get ready for Distance Learning and got plenty of helpful tips from it.

This live session was done in partnership with Edukasyon.ph and the help of homeschooling and industry experts. Here are some of the insights that I got from the session.

  1. Allocate Space and Equipment for Learning
    Try to recreate the learning environment in school by designating a study area for your child. Ideally this space should be well-lit, ventilated, clean, and clutter-free to make it conducive for learning. It should also be big enough to accommodate a desk and shelves or drawers for organizing school supplies and other learning tools. Providing your child with ample workspace can help your child focus more on school tasks and have fewer distractions. Ensuring that school supplies and books are both organized and within reach will also make it easier for kids to accomplish tasks. Aside from allotting a study area for Sam, we have also labeled our drawers and bins to help my daughter organize and “pack away” her stuff after each activity.

  2. Set a Schedule and Stick to it
    Distance learning gives you a bit of leeway when it comes to setting study periods. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll allow your child to do their schoolwork whenever they want to. It is still important to set a school schedule even if it’s a home set up. This helps instill discipline in kids and train them to work within time tables. For me, this is one of the basic Distance Learning Tips from TANG that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  3.  Don’t Forget to Get Physical
    One of the dangers of staying at home is the lack of physical activity which can lead to health problems. Remember that physical exercise is also part of your homeschooling curriculum. The good thing about distance learning is that your child can choose the type of physical activity that they want. According to the Distance Learning Tips from TANG, these can be simple aerobic exercises, dance, swimming, or the usual P.E. routine we have in school, i.e. bending, jumping jacks, etc. In our case, I simply let my daughter Sam choose our physical activity for the day and we do it together.
  4. Get Out of the Box
    The distance learning setup is a lot more flexible in terms of learning methods and options compared to a regular school setup. Moms can take advantage of this and get creative in their learning sessions with the kids. Remember learning sessions can also be bonding moments with your kids so make sure that you’ve got the fun stuff around. Load up on art supplies, craft & hobbies materials, or baking ingredients. These tools can make math and science exercises fun for the kids plus it can stimulate their imagination too.
  5. Schedule Recess and Merienda Breaks
    Ask any kid and they’ll tell you that recess or break time is their favorite subject in school. If you want to keep them happy while at home school makes sure that their recess and merienda breaks are intact. These breaks allow kids to recharge and refresh themselves before the next task at hand. I totally agree with this tip because my 5-year old daughter gets easily bored and merienda breaks are something that she looks forward to.

    Don’t forget to prepare their favorite “baon” paired with a glass of TANG. It is important to give your kids healthy and flavorful snacks that they can enjoy during their break. Aside from having a variety of flavors, TANG is also made up of 100% Vitamin C and real fruit. A real nutritious and refreshing treat for kids to love. It also helps that TANG juice drinks are quite colorful too so kids absolutely love it. I usually serve tang in clear glasses so Sam can appreciate both the color and flavor of the juice.

We are still adjusting with the new distance learning set-up, so far so good. Although we still expect some challenges ahead, we are now more confident in our ability to face it. The Distance Learning tips from Tang as well as insights from fellow moms really helped us with our adjustment.

For moms who missed out on the live session of Prepared with TANG: Get ready for Distance Learning, you can still check it out here: https://bit.ly/3gupPU9. And for more tips and insights to make distance learning more fun and exciting with TANG, visit facebook.com/TangPhilippines/.

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  1. This tips are very helpful to us parents and especially to our kids. This new normal brings us more anxiety and stress on how to manage the distance learning to our kids. Dpat po tlaga na maging maayos, organized Yun set up ng pag aaral ng mga kids sa bahay Para relax sila good vibes at ganado mag aral. And of course don’t forget the merienda time. Na magbibigay sila saknila. At gana sa pag aaral. Ang Tang is the best partner natin mga mommies. So refreshing po tlaga.

  2. Antoniette Sanchez David on

    Ang ganda naman ng mga tips na to mommy with Tang juice sarap talaga sya ipartner sa activity at bonding ng buong pamilya dahil sa sarap nya narerefresh ka talaga…

  3. Lyka (mitra) Baqueros on

    Napaka helpful po ng mga tips na ito lalo na sa mga nag oonline schooling na po.. 🖒 para hindi mabore o tamarin perfect talaga itong si Tang..

  4. Wow thankyou po sa tips sakto magaaral na ang oanganay ko nagaganit ko ito sasamahan ko ng tang pra lalo masarap ang pagaaral reFreshing

  5. Michelle Anne Tumulak on

    very helpful ang tips ng binigay nila momshie Iris kasi sa kin medyo nahihirapan ako lalo na ngayon online classes na si Daughter nag aadjust palang kami pero with the help of the help meron nakong idea on how to teach my daughter at kung anong pwedeng gawin habang nag oonline class.. Super fave din ni daughter ang Tang kaya very ganado talaga sya mag aral dahil alam nya na Tang Juice ang kanyan merienda with her fave strawberry jam sandwich

  6. Joy Angelique Balleta on

    Dapat talaga maging mas creative tayong mga mommy pagdating sa Distance Learning, para sating mga kids dahil maski sila naninibago pa sa set up ng schooling ngayon.Iba pa rin syempre ang normal schooling na nakasanayan na nila, Syempre para ganahan sila bigyan natin sila ng merienda na sure tayong gaganahan silang mag aral. Kami ng mga anak ko Tang Orange flavor ang favorite.

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