Working in front of a computer all day? Do your eyes get tired, dry, or itchy? Are worried that you’re permanently damaging your eyes? If your answers are yes, keep reading.

The amount of time you spend staring at a computer/laptop/smartphones and screen can affect your eyes and worsen dry eye symptoms. If you’re blinking less, the tears on your eyes have more time to evaporate, resulting in red and dry eyes. The brightness of the monitor reflecting onto your eyes can also contribute to dry and tired eyes.

Computer Vision Syndrome, also referred to as Digital Eye Strain, describes a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer, tablet, e-reader and cell phone use. Many individuals experience eye discomfort and vision problems when viewing digital screens for extended periods.

Here are some easy steps you can take to reduce your risk of eye strain and other common symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS):

1. Adjust your computer display settings.
Adjusting the display settings of your computer can help reduce eye strain and fatigue.

2. Blink more often.
Blinking is very important when working at a computer; blinking moistens your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation.

3. Take frequent breaks.
To reduce your risk for computer vision syndrome and neck, back and shoulder pain, take frequent screen breaks during your work day (at least one 10-minute break every hour).

4. Consider wearing glasses.
Special glasses may help to alleviate eye strain while you work on a computer. These typically have anti-glare filters and reduce the constant refocusing pattern your eyes follow as you work.

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    Wow ang Ganda ng mga shades mommy. Perfect gamitin pang outdoors and indoors. At pwede din gamitin pag gagamit ng computer or laptop Lalo na po ngayon na malapit na ang pasukan tutok na naman sa screen ang mga mata at Yun mga magwork from home perfect din po. Good news po kasi eto po ay sale sa Shoppee. Great deals po tlaga dami sale sa Shoppee app.

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