It is common for both men and women between the ages of 18 and 49 to notice hair lass at a certain point in life. While there are numerous reasons you could be suffering from hair loss, one thing is sure, and that is you do wish you could rewind the hand of time to when everything was wavy up there. If you haven’t heard of scalp micropigmentation, you may want to do a quick read up on it below, if you have hair thinning issues.

Not everyone will have to contend with this, but if you do suffer from baldness, there are many challenges you struggle with daily. First of all, there is the sun’s heat burning down on your scalp, plus there is a high chance that you could hate the way you look. But before you go giving up entirely on finding a solution to your hair loss problem, you may want to consider getting a scalp micropigmentation.

There are many hair regrowth procedures available, and while surgery is not always advisable, it could be a last resort if all else fails. It is also possible to find follicle stimulating hair care products that could help increase volume, but in most cases, they don’t provide a lasting solution. You can find more here on dealing with hair loss. With SMP, there is a possible chance that you could get a better appearance and solve the issue of baldness in both men and women.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

It is a non-surgical or medical method that aims to correct the problem of the baldness of the scalp. It is slightly different from tattoo art, which involves ink for designs on the skin. Although in scalp micropigmentation, you will still need a needle and ink like pigment for the procedure, the difference is you won’t be drawing or writing anything on the skin.

SMP uses tiny dot-like lines rather than ink over the skin, which is what happens when you microblade your eyebrows. A specialist performs the process using a needle and a natural color pigment that leaves a permanent coat on the head. Although, you should know that the procedure isn’t permanent but rather a long-lasting solution to baldness. You will still have to retouch up after a few years to maintain the tone once the coat starts to fade.

Why you Should Consider SMP

If you are in a profession where you need to keep up with appearances, you surely don’t want to throw the camera off with your receding or scanty hairline. This is why actors, models, TV personalities and celebrities are some of the biggest customers of cosmetic surgery. But this is not to say there are no regular Joe’s who also show up at scalp micropigmentation clinics for inking.

If you have been weighing your options lately, below are some reasons you want to consider scalp micropigmentation.

• Cover up Baldness

With SMP, you no longer have to worry about hats or wigs to cover up your baldness. The procedure mimics your natural hair at the root level, so it no longer feels empty on top of your hair. Only that instead of hair follicles, you have tiny pigments painted as dotted lines on your scalp.

• Get your Hair Shape

In addition to hiding thinning hair, you could also ink out a new hairline using scalp micropigmentation. If you want, you can make slight changes to your appearance, or fill out the empty spaces. The good part is you get the option of trying something new.

• Look Younger

Yes, you could steal back a few years in your appearance with a scalp micropigmentation. If there is anything about baldness, it is usually associated with aging, so having a fuller looking hair will help with your looks.

• Improve Self-Esteem

A positive change in your appearance will inevitably boost your self-esteem, and that is one thing that many more things that could come with a well pigmented SMP procedure.

What are the Risks of SMP?

When they hear that SMP involves the use of needles, most people fear that it could be risky, like when getting a tattoo. The truth is there are cases of complications with scalp micropigmentation procedure, but this is particularly so when you work with an amateur tattoo artist than a skilled SMP practitioner.

For the best part, you could suffer minor irritations or infections if the environment is not sterile. If you want to reduce your chances of complications after your treatment, you want to work with an expert. With professional guidance, you get to learn all the safety precautions to avoid. It is usual to experience some of the side effects below with scalp micropigmentation.

• Skin irritation on the head, which could be in the form of itching, boils, or injuries from a poor job. You can check here for ways to treat irritations.
• You could also suffer an infection due to poor hygiene practices on the part of the practitioner.
• It is common to experience a dry scalp during the first few days or weeks of your treatment.

Safety Measures to Adopt

Your practitioner would likely provide you with information on all the do’s and don’ts to help you recover fully after your treatment. You should also do well to research on how best to avoid complications after SMP. Below are some tips to note for when you are done with your procedure.

• Insist on a fresh needle, and also, the environment should be sterilized to prevent the chances of an infection.
• Avoid direct contact with heat after the pigments have been applied. This is to avoid any immediate effect on the coat and allow the scalp enough time to recover.
• You want to steer off hair care products as they could cause irritations on the scalp during the first few days or weeks of your procedure.

Your practitioner should be able to help you out with all the details about caring for your head after a micropigmentation procedure.

Final Note

SMP could prove to be a lasting solution to baldness and hair loss but to get the best out of the procedure, you want to work with an expert. Tattoo parlor also offers this service in addition to microblading, but you should know that the procedure is strictly reserved for experts.




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