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There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding where to live. Choosing an apartment should be done after the available options have been weighed and the locations visited and evaluated.

1. Size

The number of people occupying the space will help determine the acceptable size of the apartment. A single person may be comfortable in a studio, while a couple with a child may prefer to look at two bedroom apartments in Manayunk. Someone who works from home may also prefer larger living quarters so they can separate the work area as much as possible.

2. Children

If there will be children living in the apartment, then there are more things to take into account. Some apartment buildings offer amenities like swimming pools, playgrounds or indoor game areas that children can have fun in. If there are no activities offered by the apartment, look to see if there are nearby parks or other free or cheap activities that children will enjoy. Look at local schools to see how close they are, and if the bus lines run close to the apartment complex.

3. Pets

Every apartment complex has its own rules about what sort of pets it will allow. Check before renting to make sure any existing pets will be welcome, along with any fees that may need to be paid to keep them. Make sure all pets are current on their vaccines, as most places that do allow animals may ask for vet records. Even if no pets will be moved into the new place, check the rules in case getting an animal is something that may happen in the near future.

Living in an apartment can be a fantastic experience. If everything is prepared for in advance, any unpleasant surprises should be kept to a minimum. It can be fun to get to know the neighbors and enjoy the small community with new friends.


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