Your life at risk – jobs that may expose you to asbestos 

Asbestos. Only a few decades ago it was everywhere and used to coat everything from fireproof coatings to insulation, drywall, plastics, rubbers, even hats and gloves. Thankfully, the dangers of asbestos have since been revealed, which is good news for most of us. However, for those who have spent decades working with asbestos and being unknowingly exposed to it, their concerns might only be just beginning.

The impact of asbestos exposure on lung cancer is well documented, and it’s a common factor behind many personal injury cases. Although now heavily regulated, you may still find asbestos in places such as factories, old buildings, roofing materials and even trains. But what about in the workplace?

Here we’ll look at jobs that may expose you to the dangers of asbestos.

Construction workers

As mentioned above, many buildings and properties just a few short decades ago were built with asbestos products. So, for those who are renovating and pulling down these kinds of buildings, it means that they’re exposed to this dangerous chemical. If you’re a roofer and working with certain materials then you’re also likely to be exposed to asbestos, as it’s still present in many materials that are still used today.


Firefighters that are called to fires in old buildings that contain asbestos are going to be exposed as the fire spreads. Also, as a building comes down and the damage increases then asbestos fibres are likely to be thrown into the air. Risking other firefighters and not just those within buildings.

Agricultural roles

Working on a farm isn’t always about looking after animals, there’s a lot of heavy machinery involved. And many of these parts and products contained asbestos. Including, clutches, brakes, seals and gaskets. Anyone who regularly changed vehicle or machine parts over several years are likely to have been exposed to asbestos to some degree.

Shipyard workers

Building and maintaining ships for the military means exposure to asbestos is highly likely. From warships to cruise ships, asbestos was a popular product used on ships because of its flame-resistant properties. After all, a fire on a ship would be devastating. Therefore, any kind of role involved the production of ships, from painting to electrical work, welding and general maintenance could increase the chance of developing asbestos-related cancers such as mesothelioma.

If you believe that your health issues are related to your exposure to asbestos, then you should consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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