When it comes to online businesses, having a reliable courier service provider is a key to business success. Right now there is no shortage of courier services in the market as new players offer competitive options for consumers. But one cannot deny that trusted brands like LBC have an edge over others. LBC also continuously upgrade their services to serve customers better.  One such upgrade is the addition of LBC’s COP and COD Services in their business portfolio. This new line of service aims to facilitate buying and selling transactions for LBC customers.

LBC’s COP and COD Services pertains to Cash on Pick-up (COP) and Cash on Delivery (COD) Services. COP and COD utilizes two of  LBC’s core services: as a courier of parcels & boxes, and as a  payment collection channel.

The LBC Cash-on Pick-up (COP) Service allows the customer to use the LBC branches as pick-up and payment centers for their business. It works in 5 simple steps:

1.       Seller sends product to any LBC Branch convenient for Buyer pick-up.

2.       LBC notifies buyer that item is ready for pick-up.

3.       Buyer picks-up and pays for the item.

4.       LBC notifies seller that item has been paid and picked-up.

5.       Payment is deposited to your bank account.

Sellers who often meet up with their buyers can have a safer alternative through the LBC Same Branch COP Service. With this option sellers can simply drop off the item in LBC Branch and their buyer can pick it up at the same branch. This provides both the buyer and seller a safe and secure venue for their transactions. In a way, it can also save time for both parties because they don’t have to wait or look for each other anymore which likely happen during a meet up.

LBC’s Cash on Delivery (COD) Service caters to sellers with buyers who prefer door-to-door delivery. Aside from the delivery guarantee, LBC will also take care of payment collection upon delivery. LBC will then deposit the collected payment to the seller’s bank account within 3 days.

As an online buyer and seller, I am happy to hear about LBC’s COP and COD Services. I have an online site WTFCakesPH for marketing my homemade cakes, cookies, and other baked goodies.

I am also engaged in online selling activities that range from distribution of Flawless Soaps to resellers to occasional sales of pre-loved items to my FB groups.

As such, I was able to try various courier service providers for my business and personal transactions. My first choice is often a courier provider that offers convenience for me and my buyer. But of course it has to be a well established courier with a good track record in the industry. With these new services, LBC fills all my requirements for buying and selling.

In a nutshell, LBC’s COP and COD Services deliver the ABCs that make it easy to run an online business. These include:

A – Affordable options from a well-established courier company that you can trust.

B – Broad Network of Branches that gives you access to courier services and facilities in 1,300 locations.

C – Convenience for both sellers and buyers who would like their items to be delivered efficiently and in good condition.

LBC’s competitive rates

Aside from the ABCs, these services also provide both buyers and sellers with a safe and secure way to handle their exchange. This is very important in such a time when we often hear about scams and modus operandi on the news.  Legitimate business owners aren’t the only ones engaged in online selling. There are also a lot of people today who sell pre-loved items online instead of having a garage sale. As such, LBC is able to address the needs of both their business clientele and private individuals with occasional buy and sell transactions.

For more information, please visit www.LBCexpress.com, or call telephone +632 8585 999 (Metro Manila), 1 800 10 8585 999 (Provincial), +632 9086 522 (Solutions) and follow LBCExpress (Facebook and Twitter).

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