Which endangered species are you? Take the WWF quiz


Are you a friendly and outgoing Irrawaddy Dolphin? A tough and fearless Tamaraw? Or a creative loner like the Butanding?

The Philippines is home to some of the most unique and interesting animals in the world. Luzon has the highest number of unique mammals, Visayas the highest concentration of marine life and Mindanao has a high biodiversity status. Unfortunately, some of these Philippine species are critically endangered! So before it’s too late, let’s get to know them and help do what we can to make sure they swim, slither and soar in the Philippines! Take this quick quiz to know which endangered species you are!

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  1. I am glad you guys have something like this to raise awareness with the people. I hope a lot would make an effort to conserve what you have in the Philippines. Animals are precious, regardless if they are unique or not. By the way, I’m a whale shark!

  2. So many species are endangered…it’s amazing to hear about one you didn’t know was endangered. Sad too. We got a lot of that on our recent trip to Sea World.

  3. My goodness, I just loved taking that wonderful test and it says I am a Tamaraw who is Tough, fearless & aggressive! Thanks for the wonderful quiz idea!

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