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As I have mentioned in my previous posts, that I am fond of using of – the backpack type and the sling/messenger bags. Since I was in high school, most of my bags that I used are these types; even when I was already on my college days at Miriam College, I still used sling bags, though backpacks were just used during “getaways”.

When I am in a “bag hunt” mood, I have certain “criteria” that I adhere to when I buy one. First and foremost, the bag must be durable, comfortable and as much as possible, offers a lifetime guarantee; if it is water-resistant, then it’s a bonus I should be thankful for.

Bags made by Crumpler are definitely the ones that certainly meet my criteria. Just like this Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle messenger-type bag that is made from double layer water resistant Field Twill material, which are also tough and tender at the same time.


This bag is clothes friendly because its shoulder strap is edgeless – a brilliant idea from the Crumpler team. It has a huge cargo space and one inside pocket where an iPad or any tab can fit; notebooks or any other A4 sized documents can also be stuffed in this storage zone. Of course, lifetime guarantee is provided for every owner of this Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle Messenger Bag.


Aside from the inside pocket, the main compartment provides a spacious storage for other stuffs, where it can be sealed with dual oversized injection moulded Velcro flap fasteners.


These Velcro fasteners are both a pro and a con. Pro because no one can open the bag without your knowing due to the loud noise it creates when being flapped open. As for the con, who wants to get an attention in a “quiet place” such as the classroom or even inside the church when they open their bags to grab their stuffs? No one, I guess. Another con is that it is not padded, so your gadgets may not be safe with it, especially for those who commutes daily, gadgets may be damaged due to “bumps”.

Anyway, another thing that Crumpler is famous for is the shoulder strap of their bags, which are always comfortable for the user. In this Crumpler Ludicrous Debacle bag, a wide adjustable shoulder strap (which is edgeless for mentioned reason above) coupled with 38mm QuickFlick™ buckle is “heaven sent”.


For bloggers like me, who always carry around more than normal (weight) of stuff due to laptops, camera, documents, press releases, kikay kit, ballpens, extra clothes (if needed) and a lot more of these, having a wide shoulder strap bag is a must.


Because it is a Crumpler bag, definitely it’s water resistant! So one need not worry about getting their things inside the bag damaged due to rain, accidental spills and other similar occurrences. Another Crumpler pride is the lifetime guarantee, which simply means that Crumpler Bags are of high quality, thus it’s durable and designed to last a lifetime with normal use.

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