Is he the daddy of your child?

If this question has lingered in your mind, it may be time for a paternity DNA test. Paternity testing is by far the most accurate way of knowing whether the man you suspect to be the father of your child is the biological father or not. Paternity tests are a reality of the age we live in. This is not to say that it is in any way indicative of increased infidelity or multiple sexual relationships of this day and age – in fact, infidelity and multiple partners have been a reality throughout every phase of human history. What has changed today is that science has given us accurate tools to help us solve many questions and queries, including which man fathered a given child.

How can I carry out the test?

photo-no-(42)Things are pretty simple with paternity testing. No need to shudder at the thought of a DNA test. It will not involve any blood, pain or long, tedious procedures. Go online and order your DNA test as this is probably the quickest way. All DNA testing companies operating online operate in the same way and here it is:

  • You first order the test you want, depending on how many people are taking part in the test.
  • Once your order was processed you are sent a kit to any address you choose (Although kits are anonymous, you might still not want to receive it at home to ensure no one but you sees or opens the kit
  • Using the kit you collect the samples needed for lab analysis
  • You send the kit containing the samples back for testing
  • You wait for your results

If you are wondering about the DNA sample collection using the kit this two can be explained in a few easy steps. First, let’s take a look inside the kit to know what you will see once you open it:

  • A pre-addressed envelope with the laboratory addressed printed on it.
  • Oral swabs. Usually these will be in separate containers or envelopes with each envelope or container designated to one test participant.
  • A consent form
  • Instruction, sometimes with pictures or sometimes without. These will tell you exactly how to collect the sample

DNA samples are collected using the oral swabs you find in the kit. This is the standard method of sample collection all over the world. No company uses blood samples any longer unless it is impossible to collect samples using oral swabs. Oral swabs need to be rubbed under the tongue and inside the mouth, against the cheek for around ten seconds. After this quick and painless procedure, you need to allow a drying time of one hour. You could simple place the swabs inside a glass to dry, with the cotton ended part facing upwards. Just double check to ensure that swabs from the dad and the child or the mother do not touch each other at any point.

Once the one hour drying period is up, slip them back inside the containers or envelopes. Fill out the consent form and place everything back into the bigger, pre addressed envelope. Usually, the preaddressed envelop does not include a stamp so make sure you stick one on if it does not.

Once in the lab you will be contacted and told by when you will receive your results. Your results will demonstrate without shadow of a doubt whether the tested alleged father is the actual dad or not – if he is, the result will show a 99.99% probability of paternity. If he is not, the probability will be 0%. One couldn’t expect more accurate results, could they?

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