Start your day right with NESCAFE Kada Umaga Facebook Application

Every morning, I start my day with a smile, even before I got off from bed, then think of the good things that will happen to me on for the day. You know, I believe that filling my thoughts with positive things every morning can attract positive vibes and has a great contribution on helping me make sound decisions that I have to for that day.

Of course, after doing my daily “personal hygienic morning routines” I immediately prepare myself and my hubby for a cup of coffee. Because I am a certified coffee lover, I really enjoy the unique aroma of coffee, especially early in the morning. The energizing effect of coffee aroma makes me excited to face the challenges of the day with my own formula of positive outlooks.

I don’t want to be greeted by a bad news in the morning and as much as possible I avoid negative vibes because I think that the negative feeling will be with me all throughout the day. Before, I used to pair a cup of coffee in the morning with reading a newspaper because there are free newspapers distributed here in our place. As you are already familiar, the newspapers here in our country contain a variety of news whether good or bad. Most of the time, newspapers contain more bad news than good news, thus, it sorts of “ruin” my day.

Good thing, Nescafe Classic has launched the “Kada Umaga” Facebook application, which can be found here: When I first tried this app, I automatically liked the idea because I am able to choose the news that I want to read, which are good news, obviously!


Aside from being able to have the power to read the news that I want every morning while I’m having my favorite coffee, by using the “Kada Umaga” Facebook application, I am also able to earn points which can later be exchanged for Nescafe premium items like usb, bag and shirt. Details on this can be found here:

 Now, who doesn’t want to read good news in the morning while having one of the most trusted brands of coffee, Nescafe, here in the country? And who doesn’t want to possess premium items? Nobody, right? So what are you waiting for? Grab your Nescafe Classic now and enjoy a cup of it while reading the news and earning points at the same time!

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