Medicol Advance recently launched the country’s first Augmented Reality games of its kind: TAPOUT PAIN.

The goal of the game is to eliminate the Pain Monsters by tapping the Medicol Advance Softgels Icons. So easy, right?

How to Play the Game:
1. Purchase specially marked Medicol Advance 5’s Pack at Mercury Drugstore and Watsons Pharmacy

2. Carefully scratch off the silver anti-tamper coating to reveal the special redemption code.

3. Register at, enter the scratch code found on the Ibufluid MEDICOL ADVANCE 5’s pack

4. Scan the special TAPOUT PAIN barcode to unleash one of the Pain Monsters

These are the four Pain Monsters:

SKULLDRILLER for Severe Headache
BRAINLEECH for Migraine
CRAMPZILLA for Dysmenorrhea
MAGMATOOTH for Toothache

5. Then, you may start tapping out those Pain Monsters!

Oh! You may also play TAPOUT on your android phones!

You can also download the app on Google Play FOR FREE here, or you can just scan this QR code:

I tried it on my MyPhone A878 Duo, and I had so much fun playing it.

I got the MAGMATOOTH monster

I was really impressed with this app! With brilliant colors and extremely vivid details, Medicol Advance TAPOUT PAIN App features stellar graphics for a game of its type and is simple enough to be enjoyed by kids, and kids at heart.

To make the game more exciting, you can earn online rewards or points which you can accumulate to exchange for lifestyle rewards like an iPad, camera, overnight hotel stay, and much more!

So what are you waiting for? Grab some Medicol Advance 5’s Packs  and play the TAPOUT PAIN game!

TAPOUT PAIN. Made possible by MEDICOL ADVANCE with the power of IBUFLUID for fast and advance relief for nakakapamaluktot na pain.

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