Dependable Solar Energy By Green Heat International

Energy conservation has been campaigned for ever since both by the government and the Non-Governmental Units. One of the most recommended way to do this is to utilize solar powers, which is abundantly available and proven to be efficient and effective, too!

Solar Energy consumption is made possible through the use of photovoltaic panels (PVs). These panels collect solar energy and converts it into electrical energy for residential or commercial consumption. The use of solar energy minimizes the production of CO², thus protective our ozone layer thus reducing Climate Change occurence.

Installation of solar panels or PV’s vary depending on the needs of the consumers, which can either be a complete home or office set-up. These solar panels are usually installed on rooftops. Installation of solar panels does not end there, most of the times, these PV’s are customized to meet the specifications of the customers, as well as to effectively cut the cost and maximize energy usage.

Green Heat International has the expertise and the experience when it comes to designing, installing, as well as, in the maintenance of solar panels, whether for home or for office use. Green Heat International has been part of large scale projects which include the ADB solar power plant and the Rural Electrification of the Philippine government, among others.

What makes GH dependable is that it employs silicon-powered technology. Proven to surpass other types of solar technology, this type of technology is truly reliable. Since Green Heat panels are self-cleaning, it requires minimum maintenance.

To know more about Green Heat International, just visit their website at

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