Halloween with Aqiva

It’s the Halloween season! The time when places are decorated with webs, monsters and ghosts; and kids (as well as kids at heart) dress up in the scariest costumes. But most of all, Halloween is the time for Trick or Treat – an exciting event when children carry their jack-o-lantern buckets and go around the neighborhood to collect lots and lots of candy! This makes Halloween a really fun and much awaited holiday for kids.

Although Halloween may be considered a favorite among kids, some parents may find this holiday a bit worrisome. Every Halloween, concerns about children’s health arise as their kids fill their buckets with unhealthy snacks and sugary treats from the different houses they visit.  But parents need not worry this Halloween! By following a few tips and by complementing this fun celebration with Aqiva, parents can now celebrate Halloween with less worry for their child’s nutrition.

Eat before ‘Trick-or-treating’

We can’t stop our kids from tasting the treats that they’ve collected; it’s part of the celebration after all! As parents, what we have to do is to ensure that their nutrition is not neglected despite the celebration. One way to keep their nutrition in check is to give them a healthy meal or snack before they go out.  You can even pair this healthy meal with a glass of Aqiva to help ensure their nutritional needs are provided.  This way, they not only get the right nutrients they need to support their tiring door-to-door visits, they would also tend to remain full during the celebration, preventing them from eating the candies right away!

Count the treats

Add excitement to Halloween by challenging your kids to a game! You can tell your kids to collect as many treats as they can, but they should not eat their sweets until they get home!  When trick-or-treating is done and everyone’s settled, the one who has collected the most number of sweets wins! This way, the children would not eat the treats that they’ve collected until they’re counted, and you also get the chance to check all the treats that they’ve collected to make sure they are safe for your kids to eat.

Manage their sweets

Another good way to deal with all the Halloween treats is to manage how much and when these can be eaten. Without making them feel deprived of their loot, agree on the time and quantity that they can consume in a day.  This way, they could avoid eating all the sweets at the same time because they don’t have the “rush” to taste all in one sitting.

Balance their unhealthy diet

The treats from Halloween are mostly full of sugar but empty in important nutrients.  Parents need to balance this Halloween indulgence with a supplement that can provide the right nutrition for their children, and this can be found in Aqiva.  Aqiva is formulated with Adequate, Quality and Important (A.Q.I.) nutrients that help ensure balanced nutrition. AQIVA contains more than 40 ingredients including 25 essential nutrients, to help supplement a growing child’s nutrition while parents teach him healthy eating habits.  AQIVA comes in great-tasting vanilla flavour, making it delicious and healthy for children!  Now, you can let your kids embrace the Halloween spirit without compromising their nutrition!

For more information on Aqiva, parents may call the Wyeth Careline at 81-WYETH (81-99384) for Metro Manila, and 1-800-10-884-2222 (toll-free) for provinces.   Parents may also log on to

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