Glee Season 2 Finale: New York


Glee Season 2 finale — the ‘New York‘ episode will air tonight.

What to expect:

  • The kids of New Directions travel from Lima to New York City to compete in Nationals
  • Charice, who plays the character of Sunshine Corazon, the foreign exchange student from the Philippines, is back!
  • Sunshine (Charice) will perform together with Vocal Adrenaline. She’ll sing an original song “As Long As You’re There”
  • A kiss will change everything, according to popcrush.

So better tune in to FOX at 9PM (ET) after ‘American Idol.

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek at the “New York” Season Finale airing.

I’m so excited for this finale. But first, I need to find a good document scanning software, I want to scan all my Glee magazine clippings. I hope I can find one before the finale episode of Glee begins.

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