Glee Electronics appointed distributor of Philips-branded LCD monitors in Philippines

Manila, August 13 – Glee Electronics, Inc. announced that it was appointed as distributor of Philips-branded LCD monitors in the Philippines. Under a licensing agreement with Philips, the appointment was made by MMD, the exclusive manufacturer, marketer and seller of Philips monitors in the world.

Glee has a distribution network that covers 700 stores and outlets in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. “Our position in the market has been strong. This partnership with MMD for Philips Monitors will only strengthen our brand by being associated with a great quality product,” said Jason Cheng, Glee president and CEO.

“We are proud to partner with Glee to introduce to the Philippine market a range of LCD monitors that’s stylish, with high performance and great value. Research have shown that this is what the consumer wants,” said Benjamin Wong, director and general manager of MMD Singapore.

“MMD aims to increase Philips LCD monitors’ market share by strengthening our distribution network and deepening our relationships with our current partners. We see a great potential for Philips LCD monitors in the Philippines,” Wong said.

“We found in Glee a strong and reputable partner to succeed. Glee has extensive reach and network, as well as a strong track record and reputation in the sector,” he said.

Philips’ “E-line” with full HD LCD monitors
The first line-up of PC monitors launched in the Philippines is targeted at consumers who look for computainment and ultimate gaming experience.

Glee Electronics showcased a photographic journey, “Images so real, it’s like being there,” using Philips’ latest E-line range featuring full high definition multimedia display, which is perfect for home users and avid gamers.

Available in the Philippines in three different models of 16-inch, 19-inch, and 22-inch widescreen formats, the 160E1SB, the 192E1SB, and the 220E1SB come in an attractive glossy finish and are all Windows Vista-ready with full high definition quality display.


All three models are equipped with Philips SmartContrast, an advanced video processing technology combined with unique extreme dimming and backlight boosting capability resulting in vibrant images.

The 220E1SB also has an auto picture format control that switches from the 4:3 aspect ratio to the widescreen mode and back again to match the display’s aspect ratio with the content for working, eliminating distortions. The result is a bright, lifelike picture with high contrast and vibrant colors, giving the Philips “best picture quality” experience.

All Philips LCD monitors are designed to use less energy and meet all international standards for environment, including EnergyStar and RoHS.

Philips also announced that more innovative products such as the 220X1 Lightframe monitor, as well as products for business to business users (B2B), will be introduced in the near future.

>>Photos During the Launch of Philips Brilliance LCD Monitors with HD<<

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