Upclose and Personal with Senator Chiz Escudero!

Get to know the man in white collarless shirt and blue denim jeans.

Know his favorites websites, past times, TV shows and how he reacts whenever
he’s being compared to the popular frontman Bamboo.

This Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 6:00 PM, be a reporter in your own right as we give you the
rare opportunity to meet Francis “Chiz” Escudero in a one on one chat.

Ask your most daring question ever. From his most memorable travel, favorite gadget,
fashion icon down to being a parent to his twin.

Know the real “Chiz.” Ask anything under the sun. No holds barred.
There’s just one rule: Strictly no politicking.

This was the invitation I received from Yehey!

During the day itself, we arrived at the venue around 6 in the evening. A couple minutes later, Sen. Chiz Escudero arrived.  We were asked to prepare questions and we were given our topic depending on our blog: travel, food, parenting, arts, culture, technology, entertainment, and fashion. Since I have a food blog called foodstuff, I was assigned under food topic.

Then, we were divided into groups. I was with the food and travel group and we were the first first group to meet Senator Chiz Escudero.

Listen to our interview with Senator Chiz Escudero: [wpaudio url=”https://www.pinayads.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/Chiz.mp3″]

  • Favorite restaurants? Taste of LA, Katre, Alfredo’s, Max’s the original, and Zensho.
    For meeting, Annabelle’s and Mario’s
    For regular day, cafeteria and food in the Senate
  • Favorite cuisine? Japanese food
  • Favorite Japanese restaurant? Tsukiji
  • Favorite Place for vacation: Sorsogon, the district I represent
  • A place to feel good, comfortable and relax is Dumaguete because it’s a young place. It’s a place full of student.
  • Favorite Philippine delicacy? Lechon Cebu, Bagnet, Dulong, different kinds of Sisig all over the country: chicken, tuna, pork, crocodile.
  • Do you cook? only sausage, bacon, hotdog, egg…
  • Do you eat exotic food like rat, frog etc.? Only if I don’t know. I’m not that adventurous when it comes to food. I stick with the basic like tinola.
  • Milk or coffee? When I was younger I used to drink milk. He drank 7 glasses of milk a day.
  • What do you wear when you sleep? Shorts and brief. When I was younger, pajama.
  • How would you describe yourself?: Average
  • What do you do during your past time? Sleep and play gameboy.
  • Favorite gameboy games: Bomber man, Misson Tank, Space Invaders
  • How do you spend an ordinary Sunday?: Wake up late, go to mass, have lunch with the in-laws, go to the mall, then have dinner with my side of the family
  • Favorite Mall: Shangri-la Plaza Mall
    Favorite Perfume: I’m not into perfume. I rarely buy perfume. But my favorite are Hugo and Bvulgari
  • Do you like travelling abroad? No. I’m claustrophobic so I’m not fond of airplanes. I trust cars more.
  • What airline do you usually take for domestic flights? PAL. Cebu Pacific… or whatever’s available.
  • Favorite Position: As long as it’s inside =)
  • What’s your comfort food? When I’m sad I don’t eat.
  • How’s your twin? They are turning two next month.

It was such an honor to meet Senator Chiz Escudero in person. Thanks Yehey for inviting us.

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