I was one of the 50 lucky bloggers who got an exclusive invites to spend a day of leisure and adventure at Enchanted Kingdom for free.

I was expecting a whole day of free rides, I was wrong. We were there to experience the Magicalympics of Enchanted Kingdom.

When we arrived at Enchanted Kingdom, they gave us our IDs and bandanas. Then we headed to 4D Theatre to watch 4D Theatre. “Journey to the Center of the Earth” is an action-packed 4D adventure based on the Jules Verne classic guaranteed to deliver fun for the whole family!

The Theater requires a separate admission fee. Prices start at P60 for Day Pass holders and P100 for Carousel Special holders. However, since it was a bloggers’ event, we were able to watch it for free.

After the 4D show, we headed for lunch. After lunch, we grouped ourselves depending on our bandana’s color. I belong to purple team. The host asked us to choose an animal to be out team mascot. Since we were purple, we thought of Barney, so we chose dinosaur.

Then, the Magicalympics started.

Magicalympics is similar to Amazing Race where we have to finish a task for the next pit stop. We had a total of 10 pit stops, and here they are:

Rialto – we were asked to attentively watch a movie (Lego 4D Racer) then we need to answer a set of questions. We got a penalty for this task.

Anchors Away – In this task, there should be a catcher and thrower. There are 25 tomatoes and the team should catch atleast 15 of them. Another penalty for us.

Dodgem – this is one of my favorites. In this game, we need to get all 5 flags (within 5 minutes) via relay. A relay? We though this is easy, however, there are also blocckers who will try to stop us from getting the flags. This time we got a bonus points.

Wheel of Fate – we were tasked to find 10 landmarks that we can see when we’re riding it. We were given set of clues. We got a bonus here for having a perfect score.

Flying Fiesta – we need to ride the flying fiesta then we have to solve the puzzle. We got this task too.

Steeplechase Arcade – Videoke time. We sang Gold and we got a score of 99.

Thanks Bryan for the video

Grand Carousel – this is easy. we were given set of pictures of the horses that we need to ride into. Good thing we were first in line, so we didn’t have an problems.

Raging Rapids – we got all excited when we heard the words Raging Rapids. However, we we were not asked to ride it. We divided the group into two and we played charade.

Jungle Log Jam – we were asked to ride the log jam wearing a headband with a plastic cup full of water. We need to prevent the water from pouring. I’m afraid of heights but I enjoyed this task. And we also got this task too.

Junior Kart Trak – on this task, we need to use our things to make the longest line. Sounds easy? not really? Because we can’t use the things inside our bags.

We were the first team to arrived, however, because of our penalties, we were the 2nd placers.

Though we weren’t the winner, we all had a great time. It was really a magical experience.

If you want to inquire about Magicalympics, you can contact Myla Miranda-Cammayo at mylacammayo@gmail.com or call Enchanted Kingdom at (02) 830-2111 to 16 or visit http://www.enchantedkingdom.com.ph/

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